Companions in NieR Reincarnation are an important part of your characters. These little support units will fly near your heroes and will aid in combat with various useful tricks. They provide your characters with variable buffs and abilities, so choosing the right companion is important to improve your performance. This guide will explain how to get and play with companions in NieR Reincarnation.

How to Get Companions in NieR Reincarnation

Obtaining companions in NieR Reincarnation is not difficult. You will get them as a first-drop reward for finishing. Just progressing through the game’s missions will eventually net you a lot of companions.

How to Choose the Best Companion in NieR Reincarnation

Companions do look quite similar, and choosing the best companion for your character may be confusing. Creating a tier list for companions in NieR Reincarnation may be quite problematic, as their effectiveness is based on the characters you have in your current team.

Companions have a lot of different stats and are divided into few types, like books, robots, ghosts, dragons, etc. The type of companion serves as a determination for its stats. Dragons have a great attack but bad defense, while spirits are the opposite. However, the most important feature is companions’ abilities. They have one passive and one active ability. The passive one may improve your damage or resistance, while the active ones may be more variable.

The choice for the best companion should be based on your team’s needs and current mission’s demand. It is almost impossible just to level up one companion and choose it for every battle in the game. We recommend that you level up a few of them and try to find out which one is more effective for any mission that you’re having difficulty completing. The more companions you’ve got, the more options that are available for you.

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NieR Reincarnation Companions Guide


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