The over-the-top superhero from The Ren & Stimpy Show is here! Powdered Toast Man is one of the playable characters in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, and he’s brought a zany move set to match his wacky character. True to his origins, Powdered Toast Man brings his super-flatulence and regenerating toast head as signature moves to dominate the competition. If you’re looking to pick up the one and only Powdered Toast Man, we’ve got some tips here for you in our Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl guide on how to play Powdered Toast Man!

How to Play Powdered Toast Man

Powdered Toast Man has a very straightforward move set, despite his strange nature. He’s a pretty balanced character overall, thanks to his speedy normal attacks and strong specials. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense character with a lot of charm and strength, Powdered Toast Man is the character for you!

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Powdered Toast Man is that almost all of his attacks deal at least 10% damage. Powdered Toast Man’s normal attacks are very strong—they deal high damage, and a majority of them are pretty quick. You’ll definitely want to get up close and personal while playing Powdered Toast Man, so you can bully your opponents around with his brutal normal attacks.

His aerials are nothing to scoff at, either. Except for his neutral aerial light attack, most of his aerials hit hard and are fast to come out. His light aerials can be used for easy air combos, while his strong aerials are capable of finishing off opponents at low damage thanks to their high launching power.

If you really want to get into it, Powdered Toast Man can be an extremely technical character, thanks to his specials. His neutral special can be charged and saved for later, so you can use it to surprise opponents not paying attention. Armored Toast is a lightning-fast attack with a one-frame startup that has low launching power, but it can be jump canceled.

An example combo is to get right next to your opponent, use Armored Toast, jump to cancel the animation, and then air dash into your opponent to follow it up with another attack. The combo is a bit tricky, but if you can get it down, you’ll be an unpredictable nightmare to play against!

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Powdered Toast Man’s Light Attacks

Punching Combo (jabs: 7%, final hook: 16%): Powdered Toast Man lets out a quick jab. Rapidly pressing the attack button will make him continue to jab, but they’ll come out slower with each successive jab. Stopping the combo after at least two jabs will make Powered Toast Man finish with a final powerful hook.

The initial jabs come out pretty fast, so Punching Combo is a reliable way to start an easy combo. Rack up a few hits, but don’t get too greedy—opponents can escape the jabs easily, especially if their damage is high. You’ll always want to land that finishing hook since it does a whopping 16% damage.

Salute! (11%): Powdered Toast Man raises his arm to salute his opponent. This move is lightning fast, deals high damage, and sends opponents in an upward arc, making it a fantastic combo starter.

Powdered Toast Refill (10%): Powdered Toast Man spreads his powder across the ground in front of him. Like Salute!, this move comes out very fast and launches opponents in a shorter upward arc, so it’s also a good combo starter.

Push Back (10%): Powdered Toast Man attacks his opponent with his crimson rear. This move doesn’t have a lot of reach, unusual for a dash attack. It has a bit of recovery lag too, so be careful about approaching opponents with this.

Powdered Toastman! (11%): Powdered Toast Man quickly shifts into a flying pose. This move comes out very fast with 5 startup frames, and it lasts quite a while thanks to its whopping 9 active frames. Sounds good, right? Well, much like his flying from the original show, the major caveat to this move is that Powered Toast Man performs his pose at a randomly chosen angle, so if you’re unlucky you might miss with this move.

Aerial Salute! (10%): Powdered Toast Man is so patriotic he can salute midair! This move functions similar to its ground counterpart—it comes out fast and can be used as a vertical combo starter.

Aerial Powdered Toast Refill (10%): Powdered Toast Man takes a piece of his head off and scrapes it downward. This move will shoot opponents downward if it connects.

Powdered Toast Man’s Strong Attacks

Leaping Punch (17%): Powdered Toast Man lunges forward and delivers a powerful blow. The lunge gives this move a bit of range, so opponents might be caught off guard by it.

Good Morning! (18%): Powdered Toast Man bends forward and then pops up his head like it just came out of the toaster. Good Morning! has high launching power, and it sends opponents in a tight vertical arc, so try to use this move when you’ve got your opponent near the ceiling of the stage.

Toast Smash (17%): Powdered Toast Man grabs a slide off of his head and slams it down. This move also shoots opponents up in a tight vertical arc, and it has high launching power even at low damage.

Powdered Toast Cloud (17%): Powdered Toast Man lets a big one rip, boosting him forward. This move has a large hitbox and comes out quickly, but it also has high horizontal launching power, meaning you’ll have to follow it up with a quick attack.

Spinning Lariat (19%): After a brief windup, Powdered Toast Man spins his arms midair. This move deals a lot of damage and has high horizontal launching power, so it’s a great combo finisher when you’re near the edge of the screen. Spinning Lariat slows down Powdered Toast Man’s descent, which makes it easier to line up the attack.

Powdered Toastman Is Here! (17%): Powdered Toast Man takes a giant lick upwards. This move has excellent vertical launching power, so use it as a combo finisher if you’re approaching the ceiling of the stage.

Flail (20%): Powdered Toast Man flails his arms around at supersonic speeds, sending anything hit midair flying downward. This move comes out fast and has a huge hitbox, making it the perfect interceptor. Even if you don’t KO your opponent, this move does a whopping 20% damage!

Powdered Toast Man’s Special Attacks

Hyper-Corrosive Croutons (6% per croutons, up to 30%): Hold down neutral special to begin charging up Powdered Toast Man’s croutons. The longer you charge up, the more croutons will come out. After you’re done charging, Powdered Toast Man will start glowing, and you can press the special button once more at any point to fire the croutons.

The croutons fly in front of Powdered Toast Man at random trajectories, but they’re very short range, so you need to be close for them to hit. The croutons deal considerable damage, and they give Powdered Toast Man a nice tool to harass opponents at medium range.

Toast Is Done (10%): Powdered Toast Man ejects himself in a long upward arc. The hitbox on this move starts as soon as he leaves the ground, and ends when he reaches the apex of the launch. This is a great recovery tool, but just be careful of island-type stages, like Harmonic Convergence, as you can get stuck in little alcoves if you try to use it too close to the stage.

Armored Crust (5%): Powdered Toast Man shines with the power of toast and stops his opponents in their tracks. Although this move has a very narrow hitbox — your opponent needs to be directly next to you — this move comes out extremely fast, a one-frame startup to be precise!

The most important thing about this move though is that it can be jump canceled! You can use it to prop up an opponent into the air and follow it up with a jump then air dash into the ground. Fans of Super Smash Bros will recognize this technique, and it’s just as powerful here as it is there!

That concludes our guide on Powdered Toast Man in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. If you’ve got any other helpful tips, let us know in the comments below!

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