Rovio have launched a charming new match three puzzle game to keep us busy for the next few months. Titled Nibblers, it offers some nice mechanics, boss battles and great challenges. And we’re here to help you get the most out of it with our Nibblers cheats, tips and strategies to get three star ratings in all stages, defeat all bosses and have the best possible fun!

So let’s not waste any moments and let’s check out Touch, Tap, Play’s Nibblers tips and tricks below!

1. Connect to Facebook
Like it happens with most Rovio games, connecting your game to your Facebook account will result in some great bonuses. Not only that you will save your progress (in case you uninstall your game or change devices), but you will also get the chance to earn extra lives faster and especially bonuses to use in your game. So connect to Facebook and add a few friends!

2. Watch videos for boosters
If you fail a level, you will get the chance to watch a video for a free booster (which varies from level to level). I found out that levels that are started with such a free booster – especially if you’re lucky to get the damaged blockers, is extremely useful and I always completed – actually aced – all levels that I started with the said booster. I even consider intentionally losing a level I can’t 3-star yet to start it with a booster and get the three stars.

3. Remove the blockers first
I call everything that doesn’t go in a match a “blocker” – no matter if it’s a dirt tile that can be removed or the annoying double-grass tiles. Either way, you should work on removing them all as soon as possible, otherwise your job will be a lot more difficult.

4. Always look for 4+ matches
When you start the game (and throughout each level), make sure that you keep your eye open for 4+ matches or the L-shaped ones to get the Nibblers in your game. Many of the critters that you face in the levels can’t be removed with traditional matches and require the said Nibblers to be destroyed. Plus, any Nibbler that you get gives you a mega-advantage with the large number of tiles it can clear.

5. Start with the hard to reach places
Most later stages will have them – some spots that are insanely difficult to reach, even if you use Nibblers. Try to focus on getting those cleared first, otherwise you will have a really difficult time beating the level.

6. Save your power-ups for boss battles
Although many levels can prove to be extremely frustrating and you’ll feel the need to use your power-ups on them, I would suggest to only use them when dealing with bosses – they are the real threats there and you can use any helping hand that you can get. Plus, power-ups are expensive, so you should use them sparsely!

7. Get the extra moves only when you’re sure you’ll win
I would normally advice against getting the extra moves in any stage, but if it’s a really difficult one and you are 100% sure that 5 extra moves will give you the win you’ve been trying to get, go for it. As a rule of thumb, never use the free moves before defeating the first three bosses because the levels are still easy and even the most difficult can be mastered if you play them multiple times.

8. Start matching at the bottom
Unless you have other priorities or longer matches elsewhere, you should definitely match tiles at the bottom of the board: not only that the falling blocks will remove a lot if new matches are made, but you also have the chance to unlock the big guy (forgot its name) from dropping a ton of tiles, who not only removes a large chunk of tiles himself, but also gives you 5,000 extra points which is most likely a guaranteed 3-star rating!

9. Replay levels
Since the tiles that you get change each time, you will eventually get a really good set and you’ll be able to beat levels that otherwise seem impossible to beat. Just try to remain calm, replay the levels and play over and over again.

10. The time lapse cheat
You can try out the following cheat to get extra lives if you need them: quit the game and go to your device’s settings. There, set the time forward by as much as it is needed to get your lives back and return to the game to play even more.

These would be for now our Nibblers cheats, tips and strategies. Do you have other suggestions for fellow players? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. Annoyed by lever 145 too. Looking it up online I see that there’s a more simpler version of it with just the sand blocks, mine also has the double grass tiles it’s just impossible. Any idea why the version with the grass tiles shows up on my game and not on there?


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