Niantic Responds to Pokemon Go Lure Module Box Price Controversy


Pokemon Go’s Lure Modules give players the opportunity to attract and catch more Pokemon. The Lure Module is placed at a Pokestop and attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes. They come in a variety of types, Normal, Glacial, Magnetic, Rainy, and Mossy, with each attracting Pokemon with similar properties. Lure Modules cost 100 PokeCoins each, or 8 for 640 Coins, and players can also gain a Normal Lure as a reward for leveling up to lvl 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. There is also a Lure Module Box available to purchase in the Pokemon Go Shop, but this package is currently the subject of some controversy.

Lure Module Controversy

Pokemon Go community members on Reddit recently discovered that the price of the Lure Module Box has differed greatly between players. While one player is given the price of 700 PokeCoins, another might be charged 300. As discussions went on, it seemed there was no reason why these prices were so different, and there was no answer from Niantic to any of the players’ questions.

lure module box twitter
via Twitter

Finally, Niantic has responded to the controversial discovery. According to GoStadiumPvP on Twitter, Niantic had been conducting tests by using price variations and trying to keep it as quiet as possible so the data wasn’t skewed. Niantic is “aware of the upset this is causing with the community”, says GoStadiumPvP. However, the reaction to the ‘testing’ is “being seriously considered in how we work to improve transparency and communications with trainers.”

lure module box reddit
via Reddit

We hope this means the prices will be regulated for all players, and that Niantic won’t try to pull this kind of stunt again.

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Niantic Responds to Pokemon Go Lure Module Box Price Controversy


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