Nexon, one of the most influential mobile developers is teaming up with the legendary comic book studio Marvel to bring us a whole new exciting way to play in the Marvel universe! Introducing Marvel Battle Lines, a strategic card battle game that features over 200 iconic Marvel super heroes and villains!

Marvel Battle Lines features a new way to play card battles with its dynamic 3×4 board. Players will build decks full of their favorite heroes and villians from across the Marvel multiverse, including legendary characters like Iron Man, Black Panther, Squirrel Girl, and more!

Featuring an original story penned by Marvel writer Alex Irvine,¬†Marvel Battle Lines focuses on an all-powerful relic known as the “Cosmic Cube”. In the middle of a struggle, the Cosmic Cube is shattered, and the entire Marvel universe is thrown into chaos. Help the heroes – and villains – recover the shards and rebuild the universe!

Marvel Battle Lines includes a full-fledged single player story mode where you will battle it out to save the Marvel universe. Players can also jump online and battle other players around the world in real-time competitive PvP matches.

Marvel Battle Lines is officially slated for an October 24 release, and eager players can pre-register now on the official website to be notified the second the game is available for download. Pre-registering nets you an exclusive Doctor Strange card and 5,000 in-game gold, so don’t miss out!


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