Everyone’s favorite dice matching board game comes to the mobile platform in a new and fun experience! New Yahtzee With Buddies lets you take the board game classic with you anywhere you go.

Challenge random people from all over the world, or of course take on your buddies with Facebook integration! Our New Yahtzee With Buddies cheats and tips will help you score high!

With bright new graphics and a colorful new interface, New Yahtzee With Buddies is just as addicting as ever. With that said, it’s time to become the Yahtzee champ with our New Yahtzee With Buddies cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Go for the Section Bonus!

The left side of the board is the side with all of the normal dice rolls. Below the six dice you’ll see a ring with a Section Bonus next to it. If the sum of your points on the left side (all of the regular dice rolls) reaches the number indicated in the ring, you’ll earn the Section Bonus points.

Completing the Section Bonus will instantly reward you with 35 points which is enough to make or break the game for you, so don’t sleep on it!

Go for the biggest combos!

It’s important to remember that you want to save the bigger play slots for even bigger combos. What we mean by this is that say for example you’re going to play something in the 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind slots.

You’re going to want to try to have that play be at least fours or above. Four sixes will get you 24 points in the 4 of a kind slot, and so forth. You can only play something in each slot once, so make sure it’s worth it!

It also should be noted that the special dice rolls – Full House, the Straights, and of course Yahtzee – are worth a fixed amount of points and not dependent upon the dice you use. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize them as well, because they’re just as important! Yahtzee is worth a whopping 50 points!

Know when to lock in and unlock!

Going back to the regular dice rolls for a moment! As we mentioned earlier, the points you earn for playing the regular dice slots is directly equal to the amount of dice you play. For example, if you play three 6 dice, you’ll get 18 points for that six dice slot. Naturally, you’re going to want to lock in any sixes you see.

The key to Yahtzee is to always remember to balance your rolls – know when to lock a dice and when to unlock! Say you roll and end up with two 6 dice, so you lock them in. The next roll you get three 5 dice.

At this point you can either play a Full House if you haven’t already, OR you can unlock the 6 dice and take a chance with your new 5 dice. To choose you should consider what you’ve played already and haven’t played.

Take on the Dice Masters!

If you’re itching for a rapid-fire game, try challenging the game’s Dice Masters, which are essentially computer opponents. These opponents act instantly, so you can have a full game on the spot.

Dice Masters can be found in the Showdowns – challenges events that come and go throughout the week. Beating Dice Masters rewards you with experience points and other goodies, so we recommend honing your skills on them to practice for real opponents!

Keep playing for rewards!

The cool part about New Yahtzee is that you’ll be rewarded for just playing the game! Beating any of the Dice Masters in a challenge will net you a reward, and simply scoring enough points across all modes will get you a nice reward as well.

These rewards usually consist of experience points plus scratchers which can net you even more experience points! Keep playing!

That’s all for New Yahtzee With Buddies! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. This is not a cheat sheet. It’s just common sense. But what gets me is, is that when i am playing a Dice Master, I catch it cheating ALL THE TIME! When does 247 + 8= 290?? Is it the new Common Core math or WTFLOOF? It wasn’t an extra Yahtzee, or blah blah blah. I had witnessed it several times and buddy, that’s not right!

  2. The dice are definetly stacked against you in the dice master games. They always get a yahtzee. That doesn’t happen often in regular games. I do not mind a challenge but the odds are only in the favor of the dice masters. I wish it was a little more if an even playing field

    • The dice masters are designed so you spend up extra rolls .ever notice how you can be way head and all the sudden you start getting crapy rolls or all single numbers . And if you don’t have any extra rolls it might actually let you win ! Ya I don’t waste any extra rolls on the dice master cheaters … And YES IVE SEEN THE SCORE NOT TOTAL CORRECTY . And I e paid close attention it’s not the 35 extra points

    • Lisa, I play with about 10-15 rotating people. It just depends. Sometimes they win & start the next game, sometimes they lose & start the next game. It benefits us both so to me whomever won or lost is irrelevant

        • I totally agree. I hit rematch once or twice but if they want to play I will. One chick went coo coo I have like 4 challenges that she initiated and has the nerve to be inactive for 3 days like wtf. I never nudge anyone either.

          I actually beat dice masters a lot I have not spent not one cent. My favorite is Survivor although I never make it past the 4 round.

          I also hate the tournaments you can buy in to play again and it adds on to your existing score. Those people with like 500 die vs the ones with 0-2 rarely ever gets to re-enter a tournament and never hit a high percentile.

          I always get crappy looking die with the claw. I don’t have Facebook and I have no clue why I’m collecting the weird dice.

          But I have the original Yahtzee with no one to play with so this app will have to do.

        • At this point you don’t get to choose the dice you get through the Dice Claw. Our “family” just suggested to customer support that they set up some opportunities for customers to trade unwanted dice for styles they do want.

          • I have gotten the same dice that I already had twice from the claw machine I don’t like that I just wasted my tokens for something I already had and you can’t do anything about it.

    • Once you hit the gold dice, make sure you click on the dice tab. It has dice masters and frames too. All the dice you’ve won will be there. Click on the one you think you want. It will enlarge. If you want it, you have to click “equip.”

  3. I agree with a few of these comments especially the dice master comments. I played one 5 minutes ago and on the 2nd A.I roll of the game he gets Yahtzee on 1s. He put 5points in the 1 Colombia rather than playing a Yahtzee. I thought wtf, why would he do that on only his 2nd roll. It took him to 35 points as he had a Small Straight. Halfway through the game I’m winning fairly majorly when the ai rolls a Yahtzee on 5’s this time. Again he put it in the 5’s not Yahtzee. 25 points were added. Second last roll and I needed two 3’s to get my top bonus and I got a third Yahtzee. Should have been 15 points for the 3’s, 50 pts for the Yahtzee and 35pts for getting my bonus. 100pts all up, the best single roll I’d ever done.vand it only scored me the bonus and the 3’s, not the extra 50 for my third Yahtzee. If that wasn’t bad enough, on the ai’s last roll, he got a third Yahtzee for the match, and Yahtzee was all he had left. It was nowhere near enough to beat me till I saw that when he played his Yahtzee, on Yahtzee it gave him his 50pts plus the 2 yahtzees he rolled previously and never took, now had the pink 50pt add-on to his scores. So it gave him his Yahtzees for the other two he rolled but never took, and he beat me by 13 pts. What a croc. I used about 6 bonus rolls in that game and I don’t even get them back. The artificial intelligence cheated to win. If I rolled a Yahtzee and not concentrating I put it somewhere other than Yahtzee by accident, I don’t have the option 7or8 rolls after the fact to change it, why should he? I should’ve had my highest ever score of 425 instead I only had 375 which is a good score itself but not my highest ever. I feel completely jipped

    • Totally agree…the ai for the dice master games is set to let “us” win only a certain number of games! Total BS! How many times have you ever gotten a Yahtzee on the last roll to win by 3 points? Seems like the “Dice Master’s” can do it every other game. What a rip off…when you count all the bonus rolls you use to try and beat those bast-***s! Oh now I get it…the extra dice cost money…could it be that they are trying to get to my competitive side and entice me into using up my extra rolls? Could they be that sneaky? MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

  4. Is there a way to change out the dice masters? I have a dog come up when I get a Yahtzee and I want to have a different character to change. Otherwise what is the point of collecting all of them?

  5. The new Yahtzee game is driving me insane! After you get your +35 bonus on the top section, it just shows a check +35, showing you achieved the bonus. What it DOESN’T SHOW is your score. That’s kind of important to know when a game is close. I’m sick of having to add it myself. The old game showed your score. Also, this game runs so slow because of all the extra graphics they put in. When it’s your turn, your opponents last roll comes down on the screen and covers the One’s, so I have to wait until it goes back up before I know if I need my ones or not. And lastly, does anyone seriously care about the XP they win on the scratchers? I know I don’t! They’re so stingy with people winning dice! I used to really like this game, but these “improvements” are probably what is going to make me delete it from my phone.

  6. Well, for me, I much preferred the old version. I hate the animations I can’t skip (by clicking on them for example) or the fact that now a new dice is chosen randomly – I liked choosing one and “paying” for one I actually LIKED like we had it before… Actually, all of the dices I am using now, I got from the previous version of the game. I yet have to come across one in this version that I will start using (and I won many, many in this version – just don’t like them).

  7. Got a new phone and haven’t been able to see anything on the “events” tab except for the daily/weekly goals. Meaning that I am unable to see tournaments, dice masters etc. Has anyone else seen this problem and know a solution? Thanks!

  8. I know the Dice Masters are cheating when you play against them I can only play the free plays so if I lose I can’t turn around and read challenge because I can’t afford to pay real money 4 accessories so I use the watch an ad and get one bonus roll and then it only gives you like 5 or 6 and then it won’t let you have anymore you know how hard it is to play this game when you’ve only got five bonus rolls? I can’t even play against other people because they are higher levels which I think is what the stupid X P is for I don’t know and they get better scores that’s why I think there’s a cheat out there that people are using but I can’t prove it I still play I still enjoy it but it would be a lot more fun if I didn’t have to worry about shoot now I get five fives and my Yahtzee is zeroed out.

    • If you go to the store under everything there is a earn more dice button andd it will take you to all kinds of ways to earn dice and some are significant amounts. You have to weed thru the junk but i have downloaded several games played thru the tutorial and earmed 16 dice. You should really check it out, like you I am unable to buy a crap ton of dice and when I have them I run thru them so quick so this is a better option for me. Good Luck.

  9. I used to advance levels in less than a week. I’ve now been on level 59 for 6 weeks even though I play every day. When I questioned them about it, I was told that the XP scores are higher now as there are more opportunities to earn more points. I use to be able to track my scoring much easier. Now I have to manually subtract my points from the level goal. Where’s the fun in that?

  10. I played a buddy “bronze” game, won but never received the 5 free dice. I also notice when you win a game and it takes you to the scratch off section, if you choose not to play an other game you don’t get the scratch off??? Is it just me, am I doing something wrong?

  11. Does anyone know how people have a score of 50,000 on the tournaments, like when the league has ended and a new one begins. I do not understand how people have that many points

    • I get more than that u have to play a lot I enter every tournament as many times as needed for me to finish in first one week I had over 50,000 in the tournaments but then they got so hard I didnt play on purpose to be demoted so I could win more for more br to use in the feast now I make sure I dont reach the 30,000 required to go to the next level so I stay where I am and can win more br

      • I’ve never spent real money on this game, but I win a lot of tournaments. I just use the free rolls I win to play more turns in the next tournament. So no, not always rich people winning.

  12. Linda, they use tons of bonus rolls and play nonstop. They save their bonus rolls to use on the tournaments. I don’t care about the new score cards so I save my bonus rolls for other events like the climb.

  13. Can anyone explain how you use tokens, and explore? There’s no tutorial or explanation on this, and I don’t know what the goal is or what I’m looking for in that silly Adventure video. And are coins used simply to purchase new dice out of the dice machine?

    • I have the same question….and what the heck am Iooking for in that Adventure thing? I just spent 100 tokens to “explore” what looked like just a blank page filled with hexagons, and looking for I don’t know what!

    • The best is to go after the present looking boxes some pay out br tournament passes and more I got 100 br from one of the present ones before the other one u collect for new dice the present one r the better ones to go after

    • I can’t either! Can someone please explain it? Do you have to play in the Showdowns? Because if so, I’ll stick with my boring white dice, thank you. The Showdown games against the computer are totally rigged.

    • You win the coins for dice by playing “showdowns” under “events”. They don’t come quickly! It takes time and many games to get new dice. You’ll also get a new one weekly if you earn enough points by playing regular games

  14. The game cheats full stop. It beats me by 1 pt or 1 Yahtzee and even fills in the score at the top and goes green before it’s dice have finished rolling WTF!!!! And why does the weekly tournament, that takes forever and is a mission in itself finish 2 hrs early on a Sun night. I only neede 50 more points from 10,000 and the tournament finished but said it had an hour left. I was fuming, I’m not talking 30mins a day here of playing I’m talking 4 hrs or more every day for a week and purchasing more rolls

  15. I agree with the very first comment…THE GAME CHEATS! I’ll be winning by more points possible for the dice master to get on their last roll. The game ends, the screen closes, and they win by 20 points or more. I complained about it, but it didn’t help, of course.

    • That’s the same question I have I have watched closely my help points and watched it go down as I was helping others. I started with 102 help points I helped 8 family members and went back to check my points and was down to 92, it’s as if the leader and co-leaders are keeping your score far below theirs.

  16. I wish I was a way to simply turn off the dice masters. I bet I’ve lost 90 percent of the games against dice masters. No matter what I play, it always figures out a way to win during its last roll. I’ve been playing this game for years and I’m still at a 90% losing rate. I believe this game is completely rigged.

    • The dice master games are all rigged to a point. I play dice master games on two devices. The rolls come up the same on both devices. I win most of these games because I can see what the rolls will be.

  17. And how many trophies do you win at once? Is it based on what place you get or is it a flat rate…do u get some just for winni g or every time u play in a tournament? Anyone know anything about trophies besides whats in the help section on the game lol??

  18. On DiceMasters, does anyone know how to mark Shifty Pizza Guy as beaten. I have won the match multiple times but it still says 0/1 DiceMasters beaten. He comes up every hour, but I still have not seen any benefit of playing him. Do I have to beat him a certain number of times?

    • Shifty Pizza never marks as beaten because you can continuously play him until the time runs out. As for everyone else, I am glad to see that I am not the only one having all of these issues (apparently for the past year for some). I work for a software company and Scopely codes their games so you only win Dicemasters every so often. The idea is to get you hooked and determined to beat them so you spend money on extra dice. It’s how they make their money. However, what I find is that if you do happen to spend extra money on a BOGO or Bonus deal, you don’t always get what you paid for and Scopely Support will give you the runaround. So, my suggestion is that if you buy extra dice, stick with the $2.99/5.99 options so you know exactly what you’re getting and you don’t have to file a complaint with the bank.

  19. Does anyone know where to go to see how many scratchers they truly have? The inventory shows +99, once selected it shows 200 as the max. I think in the old game you could actually see how many in the settings section. I can’t seem to find the total now.

    • Click on the dice in the upper near right-hand corner then select scoreboards. Your earned boards appear there. You can select the one you want to play with.

  20. I have accumulated numerous tournament free passes but can’t find instructions on how to use them. Each time I enter, my bonus rolls are used instead, which I don’t want to use.

  21. The gift grab is a total rip off. So is high rollers where mostly you are playing virtual people!!!! Your winning average is well bekow buddy games. Yes the dice masters are biased against you but occasionally they let you win. I hate it when they tell you get more rolls!!! (In all the games) Part with cash ……. its all a rip off. I have been sending messages to the powers that be and never once have I received a sensible answer!!! I just keep it simple now.

  22. If I’m playing against someone and they get 63 in the first column but don’t bonus, does that mean they are cheating in some way?? I added up all the dice, it’s 63 points and he didn’t get the bonus! Plus I can never beat him

  23. You wouldn’t believe the times I have contacted Scopely about miscalculations. Right in front of my face they ripped me off. I rolled 3 Yahtzees in one game and they only gave me credit for one -boy was Insteamed. Time and time again either my score or my opponents score will make us tilt our heads and go HUH! … And they don’t care! I have over a dozen screenshots saved where I could show them the proof that here’s what was happening— and they never get back to me. In a game such as Yahtzee with Buddies you simply cannot have this kind of thing happening. I even caught it in a tournament.

  24. What are the purple tickets that you win in gift grab for? I win alot of them but have no idea what to do with them or where they are in my inventory.

  25. Purple tickets are for the Dice World events. Help points in Families “wear off” over a little time… you have to keep helping people to keep your numbers up. I’d like to know how people win multiple Survivor games In a single session (like 8-10+)! Also love to know how anyone accumulated thousands of bonus roll dice! There must be some tips for gift grab or dine other secrets…

  26. Dice World in upper level gives special advantage via lots of 2x spaces to opponent..
    barely any to myself. In other words …its B.S.


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