Home Game Guides New World: Are Cheaters/Hackers a Problem? – Answered

New World: Are Cheaters/Hackers a Problem? – Answered

New  World: Are Cheaters/Hackers a Problem? – Answered

New World is quite an interesting MMORPG where you can participate in some exciting competitions. It seems that some players complain about cheaters or hackers. These users claim that they were attacked by enemies they couldn’t kill. So, today we are going to tell you if cheaters/hackers are a problem in New World.

What Is New World?

New World is an exciting representative of the MMORPG genre and it has lots of cool mechanics you will have to use. The game has a PvP mode where you can fight against other players. Also, it has lots of various locations that you will be able to explore.

According to the latest reports, many players encountered cheaters in their PvP matches. The issue seems to be quite disturbing and today we are going to talk about these hackers and how problematic they are.

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Are Cheaters a Problem in New World?

Cheaters have always been a hot topic in different multiplayer games. There are very few things that can be more annoying than being killed by a person who uses some programs to get an advantage. It simply feels unfair and most projects have some kind of anti-cheat protection that bans cheaters.

New World seems to have problems with cheaters and there are lots of players who complain about it. The game belongs to the MMORPG genre and it means that your character data will be stored on the New World servers. So, things like the God Mode are unlikely to be available for cheaters but they still can use various scripts and bots.

The cheater issue in New World gets even more problematic because of low-tier players who accuse more skilled players of cheating. So, whenever you see a cheating person you should enable some video-recording program and use this evidence to prove that you’ve encountered a cheater. Hopefully, you won’t encounter them often in your playthrough. Good luck with your further journey in New World!

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New World: Are Cheaters/Hackers a Problem? – Answered


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