Best New World Healing Builds (February 2023)

Check out the best healing builds to use in New World.

Adventurers in New World can choose from thirteen different weapon classes, each with their own unique abilities. Life Staves are magic staves that focus on restoring your party’s health and protecting them from further harm. Life Staves are the weapon of choice if you want to support your allies, so today, we’ll show you what the best New World healing builds are!

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New World Best Healing Skills and Builds

In New World, you can equip up to three active skills at any given time. Your actives are the backbone of your build, and since you can only take three with you, you really need to pick and choose based on your situation.

If it wasn’t already obvious, your primary weapon as a healer will be the Life Staff. A popular secondary weapon to use are the Void Gauntlets, as they have some helpful buffs and debuffs. For your attributes, you should increase mainly Focus, then Constitution if you want more durability.

It’s very important to keep in mind that there really isn’t a “best” build in the game. A lot of the activities you can do in New World will test different aspects of your party, and you’ll have to change your skills around in order to adapt. We’ll go over each healing active skill to help you decide, and we’ll also point out noteworthy passives to take as well.

Healing Mastery Tree

Divine Embrace is a good option to take if you need a strong, single-target heal. If you have a dedicated tank in your group, and they’re absorbing lots of hits, Divine Embrace is a good pick. It also has a bit of group healing with all the upgrades, but your target needs to be below 50% health, which makes it a bit unreliable, but great for emergencies.

Sacred Ground is one of the Life Staff’s best skills, and should almost always be taken. With all of its upgrades, Sacred Ground heals slowly over time, increases stamina and mana regeneration, and increases allies’ healing received. This skill brings way too much utility to the table to pass up, and it helps you heal better too.

Splash of Light is a straightforward, no-nonsense group heal. Your entire party within 100 m is healed for 60% of your weapon power, and with upgrades it also refunds some of your mana and removes debuffs.

Splash of Light is great for when you need a reliable group heal, and the debuff removal is very good in some situations. The one downside to Splash of Light is that it only heals your immediate party, which can be a problem in large-scale situations, like PvP.

Important Passive Skills:

  • Absolved: Your basic attacks no longer cost mana. This is required for a lot of the passives in the Healing mastery tree.
  • Blissful Touch: Light attacks heal for 16% weapon power. With Absolved, this basically means you can spam free small heals on your party. This adds up over time, so don’t underestimate this!
  • Revitalize: Light attacks reduce active skill cooldowns by 5%. If you’re taking Absolved and Blissful Touch, this is a no-brainer.
  • Sacred Protection: A flat 5% healing increase to your party.
  • Intensify: Heavy attacks increase your healing by 10% for ten seconds, stacking up to three times for a max of 30% increased healing. Build and maintain these stacks for big heals!
  • Divine Blessing: Targets under 50% health are healed for 30% more. Can save allies from the brink of death.

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Protector Mastery Tree

Orb of Protection is a great skill, as it’s a multipurpose skill that can fortify, heal, and damage. For those that don’t like targeted heals, you can throw an orb into your group and try to hit as many things as possible.

Though the heal isn’t that great—it’s only 8% of your weapon power—Orb of Protection does grant fortify, which reduces incoming damage for your allies. The upgrades grant recovery, which improves the base healing, and the final upgrade makes the orb bounce off allies, so you can affect the whole group even if they don’t directly touch the orb.

Light’s Embrace can target either an ally or a spot on the ground that heals for a moderate amount of health, with added bonus healing if the target has Life Staff buffs on them. Light’s Embrace shines with skills that grant lots of buffs, like Orb of Protection or Beacon, so make sure to pair it up with an appropriate skill, otherwise don’t bother with it.

Beacon is another skill that can deal damage and heal nearby allies. Beacon fires out a light blast that attaches to its target, and heals nearby allies over time. The upgrades make it last longer and reach farther out, while also granting haste to allies.

Important Passive Skills:

  • Bend Light: After dodging, your healing is increased by 20% for five seconds. It’s a little unwieldy, but it’s great for big burst healing.
  • Protector’s Strength: Increased healing by 20% when you have a buff on. Depending on your active skill loadout, you might have a buff on almost all the time, so this is a great passive to pick up.
  • Spirits United: Increased party mana regeneration by 3%. Can be helpful if your group has a lot of mana-hungry characters.
  • Glowing Focus: Life Staff buffs last 20% longer. Great to use in conjunction with Light’s Embrace.
  • Magnify: Light’s Embrace extends the duration of Life Staff buffs on the target, which means you can take advantage of the Light’s Embrace bonus more often.

Example Builds

Balanced Healer

  • Divine Embrace/Light’s Embrace
  • Sacred Ground
  • Orb of Protection

This is a general, go-to build for general situations, and it’s also good for beginner healers. Throw out Sacred Ground and Orb of Protection to keep your party fortified and healed over time, and save Light’s Embrace or Divine Embrace for when you need a big, single-target heal.

Passive AOE Healer

  • Sacred Ground
  • Orb of Protection
  • Beacon

New World has always had a clunky way of targeting your party members. Although they’ve added hotkeys for your entire party now, some people still prefer the “Passive AOE Healer” build, where you don’t even need to worry about individual targeting. Throw Sacred Ground on your party, and with the increased healing upgrade, both Orb and Protection and Beacon should have no trouble keeping your party alive, and you shouldn’t need burst healing.

That concludes our guide on the best healing builds in New World. What are some of your favorite loadouts? Which active and passive skills are your favorite to take? Let us know your builds in the comments below!

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Best New World Healing Builds (February 2023)

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