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New World: All Legendary Fish and Where to Catch Them

New World: All Legendary Fish and Where to Catch Them

There are many different MMORPGs available for PC. And among them, New World is one of the most popular. In the game, you have to explore the amazing world of Aeternum, where you will meet many different characters, enemies, quests, and much more. And in this guide, we will tell you about all the Legendary Fish and where to catch them in New World.

Fishing in New World

In New World, you will find many different exciting activities. In addition to survival, you can craft weapons, fight mobs and bosses, complete quests and do some daily activities. Of course, we are talking about fishing.

To start fishing, you first need to get a Fishing Rod. Luckily, you can do this by simply progressing in the game, as it can drop from mobs and be a quest reward. You can also purchase a Fishing Rod from one of the trading posts or craft it. And when you have the right tool, you can go looking for the right place.

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In New World, fishing spots are marked with a circular area with ripples in the water. Each such place can have from 1 to 3 stars. And the more stars the area has, the rarer Fish you can catch there. And in the case of the Legendary Fish, you need to find them in certain fishing spots.

Legendary Fish and Where to Catch Them

Fish NameLocation
Egede SerpeBrightwood
DaemonajaEbonscale Reach
Varanus MandjeWeaver’s Fan
Glowing GnufishCutlass Keys
Lava BarbShattered Mountain
Horned Tooth MandjeEdengrove
Abaia SerpeWindsward
Blue-blooded BarbReekwater
Glowing GuardfishRestless Shore
Mandje MandjeEverfall
Ray Finned BarbMonarch’s Bluffs
Blue Winged SerpeReekwater
AlbenajaFirst Light

That’s all you need to know about all the Legendary Fish in New World. Using our list, you can catch them all spending some time. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to fix New World Failed to Join Login Queue Error.

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New World: All Legendary Fish and Where to Catch Them


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