Involving and complicated games may be a good thing but there are times when you just need to go all out and enjoy an intense experience without having to worry about gameplay systems, sub systems and sub systems of sub systems.

I’m probably exagerating a bit here but if you’re looking for a new action arcade shooter game you may want to check out the recently released Meltdown.


Meltdown is an arcade style arena game featuring an engaging four players co-op mode. In the game you will be taking control of a space marine of sorts, who has to fight his way around some floating space platform which are, quite unsurprisingly, full of enemies like robots and hazards like turrets, mines and more.

The game also features incredibly tight controls that will make wreaking havoc and destroying enemies a true joy. Maybe not, as you’re risking your virtual life in there, but at least you will be able to die with a smile on your face.

Included in the game are thirty levels and a lot of weapons to unlock and upgrade. Like we already said, you can also complete them with three other players in the online co-op mode.

Meltdown is now available for purchase on the App Store. You can take a look at a small video for the game right below.

The video isn’t enough to make you buy the game? Expect a review for this game from us coming before the end of the week.

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