New Pokémon Snap

The New Pokémon Snap LenTalk Requests are an excellent way to further engage with the world of the game, as attempting to complete them will let you make all sorts of discoveries that you would be missing by just playing through the main campaign. These requests will also reward you with some additional content, so completing them is required to see everything the game has to offer.

Here’s how to complete all of the Volcano course’s requests.

All New Pokémon Snap Volcano Requests

  1. The Singing Dragon – Research Level 2 – Take a picture of the flock of Altaria. You can make them come out by playing the Melody right at the start of the course.
  2. Little Lost Shinx – Research Level 2 – Tale a photo of Shinx and Luxray together. Use Fluffruit to bring Shinx to Luxray.
  3. Luxray Vision – Research Level 3 – Take a photo of Luxray as its eyes turn yellow. Use an Illumina Orb to make it happen.
  4. A Skilled Hunter – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of Talonflame as it picks a Fluffruit from the ground.
  5. A Goofy Pose – Research Level 1 – Take a picture of Monferno after throwing an Illumina Orb at it to make it stick its rear out at Tyrantrum.
  6. Rest Your Wings – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of Aerodactly eating a Fluffruit.
  7. A Quaking Volcano – Research Level 3 – Take a photo of Tyrantrum ramming its head against the wall.
  8. When Graveler Shows Its Hand – Research Level 1 – Take a photo of a Graveler while he is eating a Fluffruit. You need to make three Gravelers fall from the volcano, and feed the central one.
  9. Archeops at Ease – Research Level 2 – Take a snap of Archeops eating a Fluffruit.
  10. Climbing the Lavafall – Research Level 3 – Take a photo of Slugma climbing up a lavafall.
  11. So Excited! – Research Level 3 – Take a photo of a Torkoal as it stands on its hind legs after throwing an Illumina Orb.
  12. Volcanic Hide-and-Seek – Research Level 3 – Snap a pictyre of Charmander as it jumps in celebration after Charizard appears.
  13. Red-Hot Energy – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of Charizard as it appears from the lava.
  14. Typhlosion Explosion – Research Level 3 – Take a photo of Typhlosion as it gets about to explode while confronting Aerodactyl.
  15. 3,000-Degree Flames – Research Level 3 – Snap a picture of Flareon as it uses Flamethrower on a Fluffruit. To make it do so, take the right path, hit the Crystabloom with any item, throw a first Fluffruit at the Flareon and then one another.
  16. A Slice of Rainbow – Research Level 3 – Take a photo of Ho-Oh as it flies in the area.

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