New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap features a selection of optional side-quests known as LenTalk Requests that allow players to obtain some nice rewards by completing them. While they are optional, engaging in these requests is a great way to experience more of the colorful Lental Region and delve deeper into the mysteries of the area.

Here’s how to complete all of the Snowfields (Night) requests.

All New Pokémon Snap Snowfields (Night) Requests

  1. Howling at the Heavens – Research Level 1 – Take a picture of a Mightyena howling at the sky. To make the Pokémon do so, throw an Illumina Orb at the Furret on top of the hill to that it is chased by the Mightyena. After a short while, the Pokémon will get to the top of the hill and start howling.
  2. Proud Warrior – Research Level 2 – Take a picture of the Braviary eating a Fluffruit near the Furret hole.
  3. Whiteout – Research Level 2- Take a picture of Abomasnow as it summons up a blizzard.
  4. A Safe Place to Sleep – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of the sleeping Vulpix in the cave. The Pokémon can be spotted by looking through the first hole to the right after entering the cave.
  5. Present for a Friend – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of Delibird as it pulls out a Fluffruit from its bag. To make it do so, throw a Fluffruit near the second hole in the cave, and then play a Melody as soon as the Delibird puts the fruit in its bag.
  6. Like Powder Snow – Research Level 1 – Take a photo of the Frosmoth using blizzard. To make any do son, hit any with a Fluffruit as they are climbing the walls of the cave, then throw an Illumina Orb at the Crystabloom outside of the cave
  7. Beyond the Wall of Snow – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of Froslass that appears after an Abomasnow creates a blizzard. You can complete this request right after clearing the Whiteout request.
  8. With Their Powers – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of two Jynx as they rise their arms. To find them, you must take the brancing path, enter the ice cave, wake up the first Jynx by throwing a Fluffruit and bring it to the Crystabloom. Activate it with an Illumina Orb and take the photo.
  9. A Sheer Face – Research Level 2 – Snap a picture of Avalugg as it gets up and roars. To do so, go past the ice cave, spot the Avalugg climbing and throw a Fluffruit at it.
  10. Shades of Aurorus – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of the Aurorus that appears after clearing the With Their Powers Combined request.
  11. Wish Upon a Shining Sky – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of Suicune as it growls at a Delibird.

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