New Pokémon Snap features plenty of side content that provides a welcome diversion from all your snapping activities… with even more snapping activities! The optional LenTalk requests, however, often involve taking some very unique shots, so if you’re looking to do something very peculiar, and be rewared for it, you will definitely want to complete them. Completing the requests will also make you learn new things about the Lental Pokémon’s behaviors, so you have all the reasons to engage with the LenTalk requests even briefly.

Here are all the requests available in the Sands (Night) course, the required Research Level, and how to complete them. Compared to other courses, they are fewer in number and do not require a high Research level.

All New Pokémon Snap Sands (Night) Requests

  1. Roll and Stop – Research Level 1 – Throw a Fluffruit at a rolling Sandshrew.
  2. Hide-and-Seek in the Desert – Research Level 1 – Snap a photo of the hiding Trapinch.
  3. Kangaskhan’s Parenting – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of a Kangashan as it is feeding its baby a Fluffruit.
  4. Revenge of Silicobra – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of the Silicobra as it is fighting a Lycanroc.
  5. Rainbow Meteor Shower – Research Level 1 – At the start of the course, reveal ten different Minior from the sand so as to make them fly in the sky. Take a photo of the flying Minior to complete this request.

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