New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap can feel a little repetitive over time, as all you do in the game is take pictures of the Pokémon scattered all over the Lental Region, but it’s how you take these pictures that makes all the difference. And if you’re tired of working on completing your Photodex, you can engage in the LenTalk requests to take some very unique pictures and get some very nice rewards in the process. A true win-win situation!

Here’s all of the requests available in the Jungle (Night) course, and the required Research Level.

All New Pokémon Snap Jungle (Night) Requests

  1. Bounsweet’s Amazing Journey – Research Level 2 – Snap a photo of the Bounsweet on the web after waking up Ariados.
  2. Arbok Falls, Asleep – Research Level 1 – Toss Fluffruit at Arbok until it falls from its tree.
  3. Resting Its Wings – Research Level 2 – Snap a picture of Yanmega sleeping.
  4. Tree-Dwelling Pokémon – Research Level 2 – Wake Up the Toucannon by Throwing Three Illumina Orbs.
  5. Triple Threat – Research Level 1 – Capture a photo of Ariados and Yanmega fighting.
  6. Tonight’s Dinner – Research Level 2 – Snap a photo of Morelull eating a Fluffruit behind the waterfall.
  7. Where’s the Fruit? – Research Level 2 – Get Slaking to eat fruit out ot the tree hole.
  8. A Figure of Beauty – Research Level 1 – Get up to four Liepard to stand on their hind legs.
  9. Why So Still? – Research Level 2 – Wake Swampert up by scaring Leafeon into the swamp then throw an Illumina orb at it when its awake
  10. An Unusual Spot – Research Level 2 – Take a photo of Ledian eating Fluffruit while on the ground.

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