New Pokémon Snap

The New Pokémon Snap free update released in early August added more content to the new entry in the Pokémon Snap series. Among the additions made to the game are new courses, which came with their own share of new Pokémon and LenTalk Requests to complete for rewards.

Here’s how to complete all of the requests found in the Badlands course.

All New Pokémon Snap Badlands (Night) Requests

  • Gassy Swamp Battle – Research Level 2 – Reward: Effect 8 – Take a photo of the Scolipede as it fights with Gliscor. To be able to do so, you will need to throw an Illumina Orb at the two Sandshrew to the left near the start of the course, wait for it to get in position, and the do the same with the Diglett hiding at the bottom of the slope. Proceed through the course until you reach the Gliscor, where you will find the Sandshrew again. Throw an Illumina Orb to the right to find the Diglett again, and then throw a Fluffruit at it to make it move. Wake up Gliscor with a Fluffruit and then watch the Scolipede as it is woken up by the Diglett. The Gliscor and the Scolipede will start fighting after a short while.
  • Crust-side Down – Research Level 2 – Reward: Glasses 6 – Take a photo of the Crustle upside down after it is attacked by Tyranitar. After starting the course, look to your right to find a sleeping Tyranitar: throw a Fluffruit to wake it up. Once woken up, the Pokémon will attack the nearby Crustle. Take a photo of the Pokémon upside down to complete the request.
  • Guardian of Friends – Research Level 2 – Reward: Flower 5 – Take a photo of the Rockruff as it attempts to prtect its friends. To do so, take the alternate route by throwing Illumina Orbs at the Diglett that’s digging, and light up the Crystabloom once three are in the area. Once inside the alternate route, wake up the sleeping Rockruff with a Fluffruit, and then an Illumina Orb to make it road at the Mandibuzz. Both Pokémon need to be in the frame for this photo to count.
  • Valley of Vivillon – Research Level 2 – No Reward – Take a photo of the Vivillon from the valley as it joins the group of Vivillon coming from the desert. To do so, you will need to make the three Vivillon at the start of the course fly together by throwing Illumina Orbs. Once this is done, proceed through the alternate path until you reach the Crystabloom in the valley. Light up it and wait for the Vivillon to reach the area. After a short while, another Vivillon will join the group: take a photo of them to complete the request.
  • Illusion of the Badlands – Research Level 2 – Reward: Sparkles 5 – Take a photo of Zeraora as it starts to transform. To do this, you need to wake up the Pokemon, located to the left at the start of the course, wait for it to climb the cliff, then wake up the sleeping Tyranitar to the right with a Fluffruit. The Tyranitar will call a sandstorm which will make Zeraora transform. Take a picture as this happens and the request will be complete.
  • Sleepy Gliscor – Research Level 2 – No Reward – Take a photo of Gliscor as it yawns after Vivillon uses Sleep Powder. To be able to do so, you will have to follow a somewhat complicated procedure. First, you need to uncover the Diglett right at the start of the course by throwing an Illumina Orb at the moving dust. Take a photo and repeat this two more times to make the Diglett get near the large boulder. After this is done, look to the left to find two Vivillon. Throw an Illumina Orb at the Sandstorm Pattern Pokémon, and then throw another Illumina Orb at the Diglett near the boulder. Proceed on through the alternate path, then throw a Fluffruit at the Gliscor to make it move in position. Throw another Illumina Orb at the Sandstrom Vivillon to make it wake up the Savanna Vivillon which will get close to Gliscor and use Sleep Powder. Take a picture of the Pokémon as it yawns and you will have completed the request.

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