New Pokémon Snap Badlands (Day) Requests Guide

New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap is definitely not light on content, featuring a lot of different courses with multiple paths and tons of Pokémon to register into the Photodex, but it seems like this wasn’t enough for Nintendo, as a new major update that has been made available after launch added more courses and Pokémon. More courses also means more LenTalk Requests, special side-quests that task players with taking unique photos of Pokémon that can be turned in for some nice rewards.

Here’s how to complete all of the requests in the Badlands (Day) course.

All New Pokémon Snap Badlands (Day) Requests

  • Gigantic Koffing – Research Level 2 – Reward: Glasses 7 – Take a picture of Koffing as it inflates by lighting the Crystabloom right beneath it. The Koffing and the related Crystabloom are found in the toxic swamp area. The Koffing may sometimes not get close to the Crystabloom, forcing you to restart the course to complete this request.
  • A Brave Leap – Research Level 2 – Reward: Accessory 13 – Take a picture of the Tepig as it leaps. The Tepig can be found right after taking the alternate route. Once you find it, scan it to get it to jump on the lower level and then throw an Illumina Orb to make to leap.
  • Open Wide! – Research Level 3 – No Reward – Take a photo of Koffing as it gets out of the volcano and straight into Swalot’s mouth. To make the Koffing appear near the volcano, you will need to throw a Fluffruit at the Salazzle found in the area. Once you do, wait for a short while and be ready to take a photo as Koffing gets close to Swalot: both Pokémon need to be in the frame for this photo to count.
  • Let’s Play! – Research Level 3 – Reward: Design 22 – Take a photo of the Diglett as they play with a Fluffruit. To be able to do so, you will need to throw first a Fluffruit at the Diglett found near the rock at the start of the course, then proceed until you can spot a Rockroff. Throw a Fluffruit as the two Diglett come close and then snap a photo once they start playing.
  • An Alluring Pose – Research Level 3 – No Reward – Take a photo of Salazzle as it strikes a dancing-like pose. To make Salazzle come out of hiding, you will need to play the Melody in the area close to the Mandibuzz. Once the Salazzle is out, play the melody again to make the Pokémon dance, and then throw a Fluffruit to make it strike a pose. Take the picture, and the request will be fulfilled.

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New Pokémon Snap Badlands (Day) Requests Guide


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