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New Cookie Run Kingdom Winter Update Adds 1 New Cookie and Tons of QOL Updates!

Check out what's coming in the Cookie Run: Kingdom's Winter update, dropping on November 22.

Cookie Run: Kingdom‘s latest update is dropping on November 22, and it introduces a brand-new Cookie and special story, alongside some welcomed quality-of-life updates. Here’s everything coming in Cookie Run: Kingdom‘s Winter update.

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Everything coming in Cookie Run: Kingdom‘s Winter update

New special episode: Icicle Yeti’s Winter Song

Grandma Cotton made presents for all of her friends, and she tasks Snow Sugar Cookie with delivering them around. One of her friends is the mysterious and misunderstood Icicle Yeti Cookie, who lives on top of a snowy mountain, and it’s up to you to help Snow Sugar Cookie make it there!

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Similar to Cookie Run: Kingdom‘s other special episodes, players require a special currency called Frosty Quills in order to advance Icicle Yeti’s Winter Song. Frosty Quills refill over time, and they can be won from event quests as well.

New Cookie: Icicle Yeti Cookie

Icicle Yeti Cookie is a healer-type Cookie, and their active skill is “Let’s Be Friends!”, which buffs and periodically restores the team’s HP. Icicle Yeti Cookie temporarily reverts to their true yeti form, and jumps in front of the group to create a Shield of Ice.

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The Shield of Ice absorbs a percentage of all incoming damage and makes the team resistant to freezing. After Shield of Ice expires, Icicle Yeti Cookie returns to Cookie form and unleashes an attack that is equal to a portion of the damage absorbed by Shield of Ice.

New regular gacha event: Winter Cookie gacha

The aptly named Winter Cookie gacha is a limited-time gacha event where the probabilities are increased for all chilly Cookies out there. You need 300 crystals for one pull, and a epic-rarity Cookie is guaranteed after 100 pulls. This gacha features the following Cookies:

  • Sherbet Cookie
  • Pinecone Cookie
  • Cotton Cookie
  • Cocoa Cookie
  • Snow Sugar Cookie

By the way, did you know that Cookie Run‘s latest spin-off game, Tower of Adventures, is currently having its first global playtest? Check out our guide on how to play the Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures playtest for more details.

New legendary gacha event: Frost Queen Cookie

Frost Queen Cookie’s everlasting blizzard is stronger than ever as she is the focus of this season’s legendary gacha event. For this event, a new currency, Fractal Crystal Droplets, will appear in all main game modes. These droplets can be spent solely on the exclusive Fractal Crystal Droplets Gacha.

The Fractal Crystal Droplets gacha has increased probabilities for both Frost Queen Cookie and her Soulstones. Life Jewels needed for upgrading her Crystal Jam can also drop from this gacha.

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Speaking of which, Frost Queen Cookie’s Crystal Jam finally arrives with this update. Crafting the Crystal Jam unlocks Eternal Frost, which renders her immune to ATK SPD changes. Frost Queen Cookie summons a powerful blizzard, dealing damage and building up frost. The final hit deals massive damage and freezes enemies, and not even freeze-immune enemies are safe!

Frost Queen Cookie’s rally effect is also improved upon activating the Crystal Jam. Her rally effect now increases the freezing chance from all Cookies who attack with ice skills. In order to craft and upgrade her Crystal Jam, you’ll need to fight through a new Trial Ground.

New way to get Cookies: Pavilion of Promise

The Pavilion of Promise is a new way to obtain more Cookies for your team. Built by Maestro Sugar Gnome, the Pavilion of Promise is the place to be to mingle with new Cookies.

Completing certain quests and progressing through game fills the meter with Purity Crystals. Once the meter is full, you can meet a new Cookie! Very rarely, you may even meet a Cookie without filling up the meter all the way. Once you meet a Cookie, the meter resets to zero, and you can start filling it up again.

New Magic Candy for Snow Sugar Cookie

Snow Sugar Cookie’s Magic Candy has arrived, unlocking the skill “Help Me, Snow King!”. Snow Sugar Cookie calls upon the full force of Snow King with this skill.

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Snow King appears as is immune to ATK SPD changes. Snow King charges forward and deals extra damage to frozen enemies. As Snow Sugar Cookie and Snow King attack, they heal each other for a portion of the damage dealt.

Hall of Encounter update: Icicle Yeti’s Winter Song

The Hall of Encounter has been updated to include the following Cookies:

  • Icicle Yeti
  • Snow Sugar Cookie
  • Frost Queen Cookie
  • Cotton Cookie
  • Sherbet Cookie

Additionally, you can now obtain the following rewards from the new Hall of Encounter random reward chests:

  • Monument Fragments
  • Unity Essence
  • Legendary Cookie Soulstone Choice Chest
  • Frosted Crystal Toppings (5 different kinds)
  • Magic and Special Cookie Cutters
  • Radiant Shards
  • Aurora Pillars/Bricks/Compasses
  • Treasure Tickets
  • Topping Pieces
  • EXP Star Jellies level 5 and 6

New toppings: Frosted Crystal Toppings

The Frosted Crystal Toppings are a kind of topping that goes well with Cookies who like the cold. The patch notes don’t reveal what these toppings do yet, so we’ll have to see when the update actually drops.

New Guild Museum wing: Hall of History II

The Hall of History II is now open in the Guild Museum, and it can hold relics from the Dark Cacao Kingdom and Golden Cheese Kingdom. There are a total of six new exhibits, and you can get more relics from the Relic Chests found in the Cookie Alliance campaign.

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Cookie Alliance overhaul and system changes

The Cookie Alliance mode has received an overhaul, changing some of the internal mechanics and systems. To start off, the number of waves have dropped from 60 to 20, and the difficulty levels have been rebalanced as such.

  • Easy: 12 waves
  • Normal: 16 waves
  • Hard, Expert, Master, and Hero: 20 waves

Two new tiers have been added: Elite and Grandmaster, alongside new rewards. You can receive rewards for clearing each difficulty level for the first time.

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New gear items called Artifacts have been added, and they enhance a Cookie’s elemental attacks. As you play through the Cookie Alliance campaign, you can earn Artifact Points to redeem for new Artifacts.

Here are the rest of the new balance changes for the Cookie Alliance campaign:

  • Blast Mode now activates at Cookie level 40 instead of 60, with the following durations:
    • # of Cookies: 3 / 5 / 10 / 15
    • Blast Mode duration in seconds: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
  • The Beacon of Valor‘s costs have dropped to 200,000 coins for 7 days, and 800,000 coins for 28 days.
  • Guild Museum relics that affect Blast Mode have been slightly nerfed. Effects now last for 14 seconds instead of 22, and the duration increase between levels is less. Additionally, Blast Mode doesn’t activate on Master and Hero difficulties, to create an even playing ground.
  • If you had any Beacon effects active prior to the November 22 update, your remaining effects will be converted into coins.
  • Auto mode is now enabled for Cookie Alliance campaign.

Other quality-of-life additions, balance changes, and bugfixes

  • The Magic Laboratory‘s production screen has been streamlined. You can now search for goods to produce categorized by two lists: Resonant Ingredients and Upgrade Ingredients.
  • Cream Puff Cookie now deals light-type damage.
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie‘s attack duration time now displays correctly.
  • More entry attempts for the Trial Grounds have been added through tickets.

Talk about a big update! Which new features are you the most excited for? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our Cookie Run: Kingdom guides.

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New Cookie Run Kingdom Winter Update Adds 1 New Cookie and Tons of QOL Updates!