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Never Ending Dungeon Guide: Tips & Tricks To Surviving The Dungeon

Never Ending Dungeon Guide: Tips & Tricks To Surviving The Dungeon

Dungeon crawl to your heart’s content in Never Ending Dungeon, an idle action RPG where your hero continues to adventure even when you are away from the game! Choose from the mighty dwarft warrior or the nimble elf archer and decimate your foes using explosive skills.

In our Never Ending Dungeon tips and tricks guide, we will share with you some tips on leveling up, building your character, overcoming bosses, and getting through the toughest challenges in the game. Let’s get started with our Never Ending Dungeon tips and tricks strategy guide to surviving the dungeon!

Dungeon Crawl Basics

Your hero will automatically run through the dungeons on their own, attacking any enemies they see automatically. At the bottom of your screen are your three skill slots plus your healing potion. You can use the healing potion at any time, but it has a 10 second cooldown.

Your hero will gain experience and level up over time as they mow down enemy hordes. This will continue to happen if you close the app! Your hero will never stop training, even if you are not actively playing the game.

Although, using skills will make it a lot faster. Your hero will not use skills on their own – you must manually activate them. You have access to a wide variety of skills, and we will go over them more later on.

Every time you defeat a monster, a blue bar at the top of the screen will fill up. When it is full, you have the option to challenge the current floor’s boss. Bosses are tough, but defeating them lets you move onto the next floor where you will fight harder enemies worth more experience.

Look out for Items and Wells

Your hero may pass by interactable objects on their quest through the dungeon. You do not have to tap on them right away in case you are not actively paying attention to the game, which is helpful.

Instead, they will be counted up at the top right corner of the screen and you can tap on them to collect them. You will come across many things: chests, wells, altars, and more.

Chests will contain random loot inside of them. Wells will grant a temporary speed buff to your hero. Altars will summon tough but rewarded monsters for you to fight. There are more interactable, so keep an eye out!

Stat & Gear Breakdown

Your hero has eight slots for gear: helmet, body armor, armguards, pants, main hand, secondary, necklace, and ring. Gear is fairly straight forward in this game, because if you see a green arrow, that means you have an upgrade so equip it!

Your gear and your current level determines your power level, a total sum of your three main stats: attack, defense, and ability. These three stats are actually also the sum of your four basic stats: strength, dexterity, intelligence, and vitality. You can see exactly what base stats your gear improves by looking at the stats on it.

Strength determines your armor, DPS, and ability power. Dexterity determines your evasion, haste, and critical chance. Intelligence determines your magical resistance and cooldown reduction. Vitality determines your HP, life regeneration, and resilience (critical damage reduction).

If you are looking to build your character a certain way, make sure you take a look at the base stats on your gear and see what your options are. You will not really have to worry about this early on in the game, so go ahead and just equip whatever has the most stats on it!

The Four Elemental Skill Trees

Your hero can have three skills active at any given time, and considering you have from twenty skills to choose from, you are going to have to make some hard decisions. There are four skill trees: fire, water, earth, and air.

Fire skills are your main damage dealing skills. These skills focus on no-nonsense damage, and you should have at least one of these at all times to ensure you are taking down enemies at a decent rate.

Water skills focus on crowd control and stunning and debilitating your foes. These skills deal a little bit of damage, but they main use is to stun enemies which stops them dead in their tracks for a few seconds.

Earth skills focus on protecting yourself. Many of these skills have traits that disable opponents, knock them away, or slow them down, giving you some breathing room. Having one of these skills is helpful for survivability.

Air skills are all about self-buffing. A majority of these skills focus on granting yourself temporary buffs, like faster attack speed, health regeneration, and more.

To start out, we recommend being balanced and having something like a fire skill, a water skill, and a earth or air skill. This will give you a balanced set to work with it. When you get more familiar with the game and your hero is stronger, you can start experimenting with more focused builds.

Taking down Bosses

Bosses are essentially DPS checks to make sure that your character is tough enough to take on the enemies that await you in the future dungeons. Bosses hit very hard, so make sure to time your healing potions correctly (keep in mind that ten second cooldown).

Spam your damage skill, and be sure to keep using self-buffing skills to keep yourself protected. If you find yourself taking too much damage and going down too fast, try using a different build.

Improving your Gear

If you are still having trouble with bosses and your leveling process has slowed down a lot, try reconsidering your gear. First off, make sure to sharpen all of your slots – this requires soul shards and some gold. Soul shards are acquired as you progress through the dungeon.

When a slot is sharpened, all gear that goes in that slot will be given a stat boost. The more your slots are sharpened, the better your stats will be. Be sure to sharpen your slots as soon as you get the required amount of soul shards.

When you hit level 20, you can start crafting your own gear. This helps you chase down specific pieces of gear. Instead of selling gear, you can now recycle them to get materials from them. If you are not in a need for gold, you should start recycling your gear to get components for future crafting.

Switch your Skills on the Fly

When you are just grinding experience through the dungeon, we recommend using lots of area of attack skills that hit multiple enemies. You can mow down hordes of enemies in a flash with these skills!

Dungeon monsters do not usually really pose a threat, so you do not really need any defensive or utility skills like earth or air skills. Go ahead and load up on splash damage skills to level up fast.

However, when you challenge a boss, be sure to change your skills around. Depending on how hard you are getting hit, you may want to have a few utility skills around to help you disable the boss and mitigate as much damage as possible. Trying for a glass cannon build against the later bosses is usually not a good idea, so be careful about that.

You will eventually be able to get all of the skills, but experience starts to slow down around the 10-20 range, so choose your skills wisely, as it may take a while before you get your next one.

That is all for our guide on Never Ending Dungeon. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Never Ending Dungeon Guide: Tips & Tricks To Surviving The Dungeon


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