Nerf Hoops Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Scoring


I never believed that the basketball genre can be improved much on the iPhone or iPad, but I’ve been proven wrong by Nerf Hoops, a title that challenges you to score as many baskets as possible by simply flicking your finger on the screen. The catch? There’s wind that changes everything, and you end up shooting from miles away. Challenge accepted!

And if you want to accept it like a Pro, I am here to share with you a set of Nerf Hoops cheats: tips and tricks that will create the perfect strategy guide that will keep you playing and shooting like a star. So if you want to top the leaderboards, read on our Nerf Hoops tips and tricks and have fun!

1. Use the decor to calibrate your shots
This is probably the best advice that I can give you and if you manage to do this, you can go for endless streaks in the game. The nice thing about this title is that it takes place in areas that are filled with objects or items that you can use as guidelines for adjusting the shots. It’s a trial and error process at first, but pretty soon you’ll know exactly how to do it.

Here’s what I mean: In the dorm room, for example, if the arrow is pointing right and the wind power is above 4, you have to swipe all the way to the light switch. If it’s above 1, go all the way to the top hinge of the door. At 5 and above, go to the left of the baseball bat’s handle. And so on. The idea is to establish some sort of visual aid to help you when you shoot. Every stage has a lot of visual elements that you can use as guidance and once you get the hang of this process, as I said, you will keep on scoring until you get tired.

The only thing you need to have in mind is that the further you are from the basket (the more difficult the stage is), the more will matter to have an exact guideline. If in the dorm room you don’t have to be too precise, in the Zombie area shooting from the right side of the star on the tank or the middle of the star can make a big difference.

2. Play the same stage over and over again
I would suggest playing the dorm room first until you get used with the mechanics in Nerf Hoops, then switch to the most difficult stage and play it for a while too. That will help you get better at the game and when you will return to easier stages, you will find it a lot easier to score a ton of points. Also, play the stage you want to master over and over again. This way, you get used with the visual targets that you set and you will learn to score easily. If you keep switching between stages, you won’t remember those visual guidelines.

3. It’s not about the flicking
You don’t have to quickly flick your finger on the display in order to shot. You can slowly move your finger all the way to the desired location. And even if you go left instead of right, if you don’t lift the finger and go right to the correct spot of launching the ball, then you will still score if the place where you release the ball is right.

4. How to score those impossible 5’s and above
The most difficult baskets to score in the game are those when the wind’s speed is 5 and above. For these shots to succeed, you still need to have in mind tip #1. However, when releasing the ball, it is usually best to swipe more to the sides instead of upwards. This is the right way to do it and when you will learn how to score these difficult shots, you will truly be unstoppable.

All in all, the game is all about practicing and learning when to release the shot. I hope you will put our Nerf Hoops tips and tricks to good use and if you have others to share, let us know by commenting below.

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Nerf Hoops Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Scoring


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