It’s an endless runner with a retro 80s twist! Neon Horizon puts you in control of a small, shapely cube. Travel along the path and jump, duck, and dodge in this futuristic 80’s dream world. In our Neon Horizon cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide, we’ve got a couple tips and tricks for you to keep your cube rolling!

1. Focus on one cube!


Many times throughout your cyber adventure, you’ll come across portals. Entering these portals will split your cube into multiple cubes, and you’ll be controlling all of them at the same time. These sections are designed to trip you up as each cube will get its own path complete with unique obstacles. There’s an easy way to deal with these parts! Just focus and keep your eyes on one cube. You don’t need all of the cubes to make it to the end, you just need at least one.

2. Watch out for the lightning power up!

Occasionally you’ll see a lighting bolt floating around on the path. Running into this will surround your cube with a blue aura, and you’ll start moving around much faster. While this thing is technically considered a “power up,” we feel like the lightning bolt does more harm than good. There is little to no value in moving faster, and all it ultimately do is give you less time to react to dangers. Until you’re accustomed to the obstacles and the feel of the game, we recommend jumping over the lightning bolts altogether.

3. Don’t worry about the triangles!

The triangles are the main currency of the game. Once you get a certain amount, you can unlock a new level theme and skin for your cube. This doesn’t change anything about the gameplay – it’s purely cosmetic. With that said, if you don’t really care about new skins and stuff, you can go ahead and ignore the triangles. Of course, you can collect the easy ones that are lying right in front of you, but ignore the ones that pop up when your cube splits up.

4. Keep your finger down!

To jump in this game you need to press on the screen and then let go. It’s easy enough, but sometimes in the heat of the moment you might mess up. To give yourself more reaction time, always keep your finger down on the screen to keep your cube compressed, ready to jump. There is no downside to having your cube primed and ready, so keep it down at all times!

That’s all for Neon Horizon. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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