NEO: The World Ends With You

Almost all of the Noise you encounter in NEO: The World Ends With You will put your skills to the test, but bosses are on another level entirely, challenging your knowledge of the combat mechanics and forcing you to adapt to a variety of situations.

If you do not want to adapt to a boss you know nothing about, you have come to the right place. Here’s how to defeat Mammoth R&B without too many troubles.


The Mammoth R&B is a massive elephant Noise that can knock your characters down with its powerful attacks, forcing you to use specific strategies and Pins to win. You will fight this boss Noise during Week 2, Day 4.

Normal Difficulty Stats

HP – 8500
PP – 330
EXP – 200
Weak to Water and Gravity

How to Defeat Mammoth R&B

In the battle against Mammoth R&B, you will also be facing other smaller Noise as well. Take down these fish Noise first, as they do get in the way and may make it difficult to avoid the strongest attacks unleashed by the main boss.

Once you have taken them down, you can start focusing on the Mammoth R&B. As this huge Noise doesn’t move around, you can use Pins that require charging to deal massive amounts of damage at pretty much any time the boss is not attacking. Always make sure to keep an eye on it, however, as its inhaling attack will cancel any charging you are doing. The boss is susceptible to freezing and entombing, so you can try to immobilize it to prevent it from canceling your charging attacks and turn into into a literal sitting duck, waiting only for you to defeat it.

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