NEO: The World Ends With You

NEO: The World Ends With You is definitely not a lacking game when it comes to additional content and optional challenges. Once you complete the game, not only you have the chance of playing through the story again at the Ultimate difficulty setting, but also to play through an additional chapter that is unrelated to the main story.

It’s during this chapter, called Another Day, that you will be facing your hardest challenge yet: the Final Time Attack. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to Complete the Final Time Attack

The Final Time Attack, alongside the secret boss, is among the ultimate challenges in NEO: The World Ends With You. This challenge is essentially a boss rush mode where you will have to take down 11 bosses one after the other in a huge chain battle. To gain access to this challenge, you need to talk with the Reaper at the entrance of 104, then talk to Hishima near the Hachiko Statue, and then with Coco in Takeshita Street.

The Final Time Attack differs from regular Chain Battles as it is possible to switch Pins and Threads between each Reduction, so knowing which boss you are fighting ahead of time can be useful to switch your gear properly. As it can be difficult to rely on Killer Remixes to heal HP, we suggest you equip at least one healing Pin as well as Threads that grant Regen and Rapid Reboot, so that you can reboot your healing Pins as quickly as possible.

Below, you will find all the bosses you have to fight in the Final Time Attack. Use the information available in the Noisepedia to plan your strategy accordingly.

  1. Go-go Beringei
  2. Fuya
  3. Motoi
  4. Susukichi
  5. Mr.Mew
  6. Grus Cantus
  7. Iris Cantus
  8. Leo Cantus Armo
  9. Cervus Cantus
  10. Shiba
  11. Phoenix Cantus

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