NEO: The World Ends With You

Like pretty much every modern role-playing game, NEO: The World Ends With You features a powerful secret boss to defeat. This boss, which is an enhanced variant of a boss you meet during the story, requires proper preparation and skill to be defeated, so you’d better buckle up for a very long battle that will be extremely challenging, no matter your level and Pin setup.

Here’s are some useful tips that will help you take Felidae Cantus down.

(Please note that there will be spoilers past this point, so avoid reading on if you haven’t completed the game and don’t want to get anything spoiled)

How to Find the Secret Boss in NEO: The World Ends With You

Felidae Cantus is Sho Minamimoto’s ultimate Noise form, coming with many powerful attacks that can be hard to dodge, as well as armor that must be depleted before it becomes possible to damage him. To fight this secret boss, you need to play the Another Day extra chapter, talk with the Reaper near the entrance to 104 and then to Hishima near Hachiko in the Scramble Crossing. After this is done, you will find Sho Minamimoto at the Express Underpass. Talk with him to start the fight.

What Are the Secret Boss Drops?

Easy10,000 Yen
NormalBlack Cat Burn
HardBlack Cat Burn

How to Defeat the Secret Boss in NEO: The World Ends With You

Always Be on the Move

Felidae Cantus is extremely quick, and so are all the attacks he can unleash. Generally, you want to dodge every close range he unleashes right at the last moment, move away from the cracks in the ground when he’s unleashing the Fire Pillar attack and simply move as far away from possible from the boss when he is unleashing his ultimate attack and the ground smashing attack. Dodging properly will also allow you to attack him, as he will not dodge your attacks right after he is done with any of his attacks.

The Right Threads for the Job

Your Threads setup will be extremely important for this fight, possibly more than for every other boss fight in the game. As Felidae Cantus has armor and tons of HP, and can deal a lot of damage, you need to gear up for a very long fight, so prioritize Threads that increase your maximum HP, Defense and that let you heal HP over time.

The Right Pins for the Job

There are so many Pins in NEO: The World Ends With You and so many setups that it’s difficult to recommend a single, best setup. Felidae Cantus is weak against Water, so make sure that your attack Pins belong to that element. Additionally, you will want to bring some Pins that allow you to heal, such as Hog Healer. Combine it with other Pins that shorten reboot time to always have healing at your disposal.

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