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Neko Atsume: How to Collect All Rare Cats

Neko Atsume: How to Collect All Rare Cats

Lately, I’ve become extremely obsessed – thanks to my girlfriend – with a strange little game that challenges you to collect cats.

Titled Neko Atsume, this game is incredibly addictive and turns you into a cat collector in an instants, ready to put to shame hordes of old ladies that have been collecting cats in real life.

We’ve already shared with you a bunch of Neko Atsume tips and tricks back when the game launched, but I’m now here to take this a bit further and share with you a complete list of the rare cats in the game and how to collect them.

Neko Atsume Rare Cats

There are a ton of cats that you can collect in the game, but the rare ones are definitely the ones you’re gunning for and the ones you will probably have most trouble getting, so refer to this guide and you’ll know exactly how to collect all rare cats in Neko Atsume.

Peaches aka Cream-san: although not officially a rare cat, this one’s rare and difficult to get. In theory, she likes a ton of objects and toys, and I am listing a few here: Tiramisu Cube, Sakura Pillow, Sheep Cushion.

In terms of toys, she enjoys Mister Mouse, Busy Bee or Pile of Leaves. Baseball, Gift Box or Cake Box are among her favorite. She eats anything.

Next, the rare cats listed below will also eat anything, but you nee the indicated items:

Joe DiMeowgio – Comes if you have a Baseball.
Señor Don Gato – Comes if you have Mister Mouse.
Xerxes IX – Will come if you have the Zanzibar Cushion or the Royal Bed.
Chairman Meow – You need Earth Pot or Sunken Fireplace.
Saint Purrtrick – You need Kotatsu or a Silk Crepe Pillow
Ms. Fortune – You need a Cardboard house.
Bob the Cat – You need a Cat Metropolis.
Conductor Whiskers – You Need a Cardboard Choo Choo.
Guy Furry – Glass Vase is required to lure him.
Frosty – A variety of comfy objects: Pillow (any color, including Snowy), Thick Cooling Pad, Basket Case, Bureau with Pot, Blizzard Tent.

The next rare cats that you can get in Neko Atsume don’t like certain types of foods. I am listing below the foods they DON’T like (so use anything else)

Mr. Meowgi – Doesn’t like Bonito Bitz. You need Sakura Pillow or Scratching Log.
Tubbs – Doesn’t like Thrifty Bitz. You need Giant Cushion.
Lady Meow-Meow – Doesn’t like Thrifty Bitz. You need Luxurious Hammock.
Kathmandu – Does not like Thrifty Bitz if you try to lure him in with Temari Ball. Doesn’t like Thrifty and Frisky Bitz if you try it with Lacquered Bowl.
Ramses the Great – Doesn’t like Sashimi. You need Pyramid.
Sassy Fran – Doesn’t eat Thrifty Bitz and you need Cardboard Cafe for her.
Lady Sapphire & Jeeves – They don’t eat Thrifty Bitz and you need Fairytale Parasol or Tower of Treats.

These would be the rare cats that you can get in Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. They’re really difficult to get, but I think that if you keep on trying, you’ll get them all without any real problems.

Also, I think that Peaches is the most difficult to get – but it varies from player to player. Either way, these are the rares and I hope you can catch them all ASAP!

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Neko Atsume: How to Collect All Rare Cats


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