We’ve recently talked about the recently launched Need for Speed: No Limits game on the App Store and shared some tips and cheats with you, but today we’re going to get a bit more in depth with one of the very important aspects of the game: how to unlock all cars in Need For Speed No Limits, and how to do it smartly and faster than the rest. There will be no cheats involved here – we are completely against using hacks or other things like that, especially when we’re talking about games that are as good as NFS: No Limits.

So if you want some tips and tricks on what to do to unlock all cars in Need for Speed No Limits, read on our guide and you’ll be there soon!

In order to unlock the cars in the game, you need to get the required number of car blueprints and there are various ways to get those. The easiest would be, of course, to purchase them from the store with real cash – if you are willing to spend real money in the game, this is what you should be spending them on. Take advantage of the special, limited time offers and get the cars quickly.

But if you don’t really want to spend real life money on getting more cars in Need for Speed No Limits, you can still get the needed blueprints using the following methods: unlock the crates that you get for free while playing the game. Every now and then, they will give you some free blueprints, and the more you open, the better your chances to get them!

Scour the Black Market. You will be able to buy blueprints there for regular money or in-game premium currency, but the prices are actually decent and you’re getting good deals, especially if you are active in-game!

Complete the Special Events. If you manage to complete a Special Event, you will get a brand new free car in the game or other goodies that will help you unlock more cars.

Finally, the best method to unlock more cars and actually getting to decide what car you’ll be getting is to go to your garage and tap the car that you want to unlock. A pop-up window will appear and you will be told where you can find the blueprints. Now simply complete those stages over and over again and you will eventually get all the required Blueprints to unlock your car. It’s the easiest and by far most fun way to get all the cars in the game!

If you have other methods to get all the cars in Need for Speed No Limits, let us know by commenting below!


  1. @Matt , by drifting you can get Ford Hoonican blue prints. By completing 500k km drift , you’ll be able to unlock Ford Hoonican whose PR is 454.

  2. It is making th game too long. They are not giving blueprints easily. When we go for collecting the blueprints: first of all they limit the no of replays. Then you need to wait. Secondly, they keep mystery price. So there also you wont be sure to get the blueprint. And ultimately, there are 1/3 chance that you will get a blueprint. In short, the name has ‘No Limits’, but the game is ‘Full of Limits’.


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