NBA Jam, the arcade sports game published by EA now available for purchase on the App Store, has finally received a new update.

The new update includes updated rosters with some new players, widescreen support, iPhone 6 resolution support and improved performance. The differences between the old version and the new are extremely noticeable on new devices, with the new update making the game look and play so much better than before.

NBA Jam is the reboot of the classic arcade game released years ago on a variety of formats. The game has been originally released as a bonus game for NBA Elite 11 before getting released as a digital title on the App Store. EA supported the game with new updates until 2012, updated that brought updated rosters and new features. With the new update, now even those who only have modern iOS devices can enjoy the game to the fullest.

NBA Jam is now available for purchase on the App Store. Even though the game may not feature the best NBA Jam experience, it’s still one of the best arcade sports games ever released so make sure to check it out if you like such games, you will not be disappointed.



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