From Fabled Game comes a new indie card game which will take you all across the seas: Pirates Outlaws! Ever dreamed of being a pirate? Plundering islands and claiming treasures? Arrr! Then get your cards ready to battle!

You can choose your character between the 6 currently available, each bringing a unique look (and skill) to the table! The available characters each carry a skill and a deck, specific to themselves and powerful in its own way. 

The characters you can choose from are: Gunner, Sword Master. Explorer, Cursed Captain, Alchemist and Admiral (I tend to prefer the Alchemist and the Cursed Captain). You should lead your character from isle to isle in order to recruit a powerful crew and defeat the enemies standing between you and the relics.

In Pirates Outlaws there are currently three chapters, with more to come soon! Each pirate can choose their preferred difficulty and kill all the bosses and enemies standing in the way. 

Since you will be travelling and sailing across the seas fighting enemies, you will have to choose your own path to walk on, but worry not! There is a Tavern, a Market, Event and Battle isles in every level so you will have plenty of opportunities to get stronger!

There are going to be more than 250 cards and 80 relics to collect and empower your crew, but also about 50 outlaws to recruit! And let’s not forget about the powerful 20 bosses which you will face on the journey!

Pirates Outlaws contains IAPs and will be available on the App Store and Google Play for $0.99, starting with March 6th! So prepare because soon we’ll set sail to sea!

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