Naval Domination is a new base-management game that has you commanding a naval base, of course! Build your base to gather precious resources and use them to build up a whole fleet of battleships. Join alliances and take down massive world bosses! We’ll help you ascend to greatness with our Naval Domination cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Complete the main tasks!


If you tap on the letter with the yellow exclamation mark button at the top left corner of the screen, you’ll be taken to the tasks screen. Tasks are missions that have you fulfilling specific requirements, then you can collect a reward. They are separated by three categories: missions, daily missions, and achievements. Missions are the main storyline related tasks. Doing these will ensure your base is up to date. Daily missions change every day, and achievement missions are done by completing certain achievements.

2. Get your mystery gift!

Mystery gifts appear at the bottom left corner of the screen. Sometimes they’ll have extra ships, resources, who knows! The best part of it is that they’re completely free; you just need to wait a short time between opening them. You can open one every five minutes, so don’t forget about them!

3. Be sure to build a lot of ships!

In your dock, you can build battleships for your army. Be sure to have a stockpile of ships to fall back on, in case you get attacked by another player. Also, don’t forget to repair your ships after each battle. If you go through a particularly long fight, your ships can be saved from complete destruction if you take the time to repair them, so don’t neglect that! It’s cheaper to repair than to build a whole new ship.

4. Use the wipe out command for easy farming!

If you need to attack a specific level for certain items or experience, you can use the wipe out command. Once you finish a level with three stars, the wipe out command becomes available. This command instantly finishes the level for you, but it’ll cost you gems, so choose the level you want to speed up wisely!

5. Complete the activation missions!

If you tap on the boxes icon at the top left, you’ll access the Logistics menu. Here, you can access a variety of options, but we’re going to talk about the activation missions. Activation missions are just like the daily missions – you’ll need to do a certain task a number of times. Each activation mission is worth a specific amount of “activation value”. You can open a chest at 30, 50, 80, and finally 100 activation value. You can check your progress on the bar at the top. These reset every day at midnight, so be sure to do them while the day is still fresh!

6. Take advantage of the free shipping!

You know those temporary buffs that give you increased resource production? You can get those for free by going into the Logistics Center. There is a feature called Free Shipping, which will activate a random resource buff for you to use. You can activate free shipping once every ten minutes, up to a total of five times daily. Once a new day start, the limit will reset and you’re free to use it again.

That’s all for Naval Domination. Have any other tips or strategies to share? Leave a comment below!



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