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Myths of Moonrise Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

Start your journey in Myths of Moonrise with the help of our tips, cheats, and more strategy guide.

With the threat of hellish underworld monsters looming over them, mythical creatures of the night band together to defeat a common foe. Build your kingdom, raise an army, and take back the night in Myths of Moonrise!

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Myths of Moonrise is a city building strategy game all wrapped up in a match-3 puzzle container. Exterminate the monsters that have occupied your land and rebuild your kingdom, then work with other players to purify the land. To help you get started, we’ve got a list of helpful hints in our Myths of Moonrise strategy guide with tips, cheats, and more.

Tip #1: Mastering the match-3 battle system

Battles in Myths of Moonrise play out on a match-3 puzzle board. You’ll attack enemies by matching colored pieces on the board, and you can create special pieces by matching at least 4 or more.

The most important thing to know is that the auto battle function is very bad. Auto battle is great early on when the enemies are pretty easy, but it becomes more of a liability as you progress through the game. The problem is that the AI will always go for the first match it sees, which doesn’t necessarily always line up with enemies. If you’re really unlucky, the AI will constantly make pointless matches that don’t hit any enemies.

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Take manual control, and go for matches that hit enemy weaknesses. Every hero and enemy in the game has a race, which effectively serve as elements. Red beats green, green beats blue, and blue beats red. Yellow and purple beat each other out. You deal increased damage with the advantageous element, but keep in mind that the race/element system does not affect hero skills.

Your heroes’ skill meters are charged whenever you match pieces that match their race. For example, matching green pieces will charge up a green hero’s skill meter, which can be unleashed once the meter is full. If you’re having trouble attacking an enemy that’s off to the side or something, using skills is a great way to finish them off, assuming that hero has an offensive skill.

As a smaller note, you can unlock double speed for battles once you clear exploration world 6. If you want your battles to go by quicker, try to beat world 6 as soon as you can.

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Tip #2: Every hero is useful in this game

If you’ve played a lot of mobile games where you summon random heroes, you’d probably assume that it’s best to ditch your lower rarity/star heroes whenever you get higher rarity ones and never look back. This isn’t necessarily the case in Myths of Moonrise, and we’ll explain why.

Every hero in the game is considered to be one of two types: military or domestic. Military heroes excel at marching into battle on the world map, and can grant bonuses to your military troops. On the other hand, domestic heroes improve your kingdom’s infrastructure in a multitude of ways, like increasing production speed and yield.

The thing about the military and domestic bonuses is that they are active even if you aren’t actively deploying the hero. A good example of this is one of the first heroes you get, Annie, who is a domestic hero with a talent Wood Production, which increases wood yield.

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You’ll probably replace her in your battle lineup rather quickly, but that’s fine, because she’s still granting a bonus to your wood yield. What’s even better is that these talents are improved whenever you awaken the hero, so try to awaken as many heroes as you can, even lower rarity ones. A few domestic heroes you’ll want to keep an eye out for are:

  • Erica: Increases the amount of troops you can train at once.
  • Diana: Increases your building speed.
  • Lucifer: Increases your research speed.

Naturally, military heroes are better used for deploying and field scouting. Send them out with your armies to take out fallen demons out on the field, or even other players if you’re ready for a fight.

The bottom line is that almost every hero in the game is useful for something, so don’t be so quick writing off the low star heroes.

Tip #4: Advancing and preparing through the early game

As you progress through the early stages of Myths of Moonrise, you’ll slowly unlock more functions and mechanics of your kingdom as you upgrade your Dusk Palace. Your Dusk Palace is your central headquarters, and upgrading it allows you to learn new buildings and functions.

The final unlock is gotten once you upgrade your Dusk Palace to level 16. If you want to get into the real meat of the game, try to power through the early game as fast as you can by prioritizing upgrading your Dusk Palace.

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However, do note that your starting Mana Shield automatically expires once you hit Dusk Palace level 10. The Mana Shield protects your kingdom from other players, so once you hit level 10, you are open to attack by hostile players. Be absolutely sure you’re ready before you upgrade to 10—upgrade all your other facilities to as high as they can go before you finalize the level 10 upgrade.

Tip #5: Prioritize economic research

You unlock the Research Center fairly early on, and this provides passive buffs to your kingdom and battle troops. Near the beginning of the game, we highly recommend researching a lot of the Economy and Develop categories as much as possible. This will help your economy and city grow exponentially, and it’ll really help once you’re in the mid-to-end game.

While you might be drowning in food and wood during the early stages of your kingdom, your supplies quickly diminish as you upgrade the higher-level buildings. Specifically, we were running out of wood a lot faster than food, so be sure to target any research upgrades that help with wood production.

Tip #6: Getting diamonds and the best ways to use them

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and can be obtained by completing in-game achievements or buying them in the shop with real money. Diamonds are useful for a lot of things, so let’s go over them.

For starters, let’s go over all the different ways you can earn diamonds in-game:

  • Completing enough daily tasks to earn 150 points nets you a 200 Diamond Supply Chest.
  • Completing all chapter tasks (not the main tasks) nets you Diamond Supply Chests per chapter.
  • Diamonds are sometimes the rewards on the login bonuses and daily rewards.
  • Completing limited-time event tasks, such as Rise of Lords and Supreme Lord.
  • Occasionally, diamonds are handed out through mail from the developers.

The best way to use diamonds is by speeding up your early-to-mid game progress. Once your Dusk Palace goes past level 10, you’ll start encountering build times that are hours long, and you can use diamonds to speed them up if you don’t have any consumable speed ups.

Couple these long build times with the fact that your Mana Shield is gone results in potential sticky situations where you’re caught by another player without your defenses set up. Don’t be afraid to use some diamonds so that you can get your buildings upgraded in a timely manner.

That concludes our Myths of Moonrise tips and tricks strategy guide. Got any more helpful hints we should know about the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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Myths of Moonrise Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More