Mythic Samkok Codes and How to Redeem Them

We share the complete list of working codes for Mythic Samkok and explain how you can redeem them.

If you play Mythic Samkok, we will provide free redeem codes and guide you on using them. Redeem multiple codes to receive many freebies!

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Mythic Samkok codes and how to redeem them.
Image via EskyfunUSA

Check out Mythic Samkok, a strategic RPG from EskyfunUSA that takes players deep into the heart of the three kingdoms. With challenging battles that challenge your strategic skills, the game incorporates a diverse selection of characters for your team through a recruit or gacha system.

Watch your warriors triumph over enemies with the game’s auto-based battles. In this article, you can explore some of the free redeem codes for Mythic Samkok and unlock valuable in-game rewards and bonuses.

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All Mythic Samkok Redeem Codes

Please note that the recently revealed codes are only valid for a limited period. To make the most of these codes, please precisely enter them, as indicated in the accompanying table. Keeping this in mind will help you to utilize the codes effectively.

  • Teamwin [NEW]
  • 1weekend4 [NEW]
  • 21subscribe
  • 1weekend
  • 1KOCFOR1
  • 55555STAR—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • STAR555552—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • STAR555553—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • JOINGROUP1—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • K60CD—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • K20CD—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • 2KOCD—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • 1K0CD—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • 5ONLINEHP—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • ONLINEHP—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • ONLINEHP1—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • ONLINEHP2—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • ONLINEHP3—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • IKOC1—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • TCOK1—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • T1KOC—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • KOC72—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • LEGENDFB1—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • LEGENDFB2—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • FB3LEGEND—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • LEGENDDC1—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • DC2LEGEND—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • DC3LEGEND—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • 2KOC4—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • IKOCD—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • KOC21—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • MS666—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • MS777—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • MS888—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • MS999—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • JOINMS—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • YML666—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • YML777—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • YML888—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • 1teamwin2—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • msrico—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • msclausie2—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • subscribe1—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • Mscreed—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • Adventure—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • Adventure12—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • 13adventure—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • Msdango—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • Mspang3pong—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • msjameindy—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • Msbluejova—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • Mssilver—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • mszkn—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • JoinGroup—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • MSClausie—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones
  • MSEnryu—Jades, Recruit voucher, Stones

Rest assured that we are fully dedicated to keeping you informed of all the latest codes as they are released. Count on us to regularly update you, ensuring you are always in the know.

How to Redeem Codes in Mythic Samkok

Getting free codes and redeeming them in Mythic Samkok has always been challenging!

How to Redeem Codes in Mythic Samkok
Screenshot by Touch, Tap, Play

Follow these simple steps to claim your rewards and enjoy the game to its fullest:

  1. Run Mythic Samkok on your device.
  2. Log in to the game.
  3. Tap the Menu located on the top left side of the screen.
  4. Click on the Settings button.
  5. Select the Redeem Code option.
  6. Enter the gift codes provided above in the text area.
  7. Click on the Confirm button to claim your gift immediately in-game.

To ensure your code redemption is a success, it’s crucial to enter the codes exactly as they appear in the table provided. Take advantage of your rewards – take the time to double-check your entries and enjoy all the benefits that come with them.

How to get Free Codes in Mythic Samkok

Searching for ways to get free exchange codes in Mythic Samkok? Let me help you out! Keep reading to discover some exciting tips and tricks to obtain those codes and unlock impressive rewards in the game!

Developers of popular games often release gift codes to their players through official platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and Discord. These codes are usually shared during events such as game anniversaries, new updates, and other special occasions.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest codes and share them with other players, engaging with the Mythic Samkok communities and forums is a good idea.

HINT: Checking this guide frequently is the most straightforward approach to obtaining fresh Mythic Samkok codes because we regularly add new codes to this list and keep track of them.

Why the code for the Mythic Samkok doesn’t work?

Theting to activate for January 2024 may have expired, which may cause the issue you are experiencing. While expiration dates are typically included on most of our codes, they are only sometimes visible to the user. In some cases, only the EskyfunUSA developers know the code’s duration.

The reason why your code isn’t working may be because you may have already activated it. Usually, codes can only be activated once per account, although some developers may allow you to reactivate an already-activated code.

The most common reason is that you’ve misspelled the code while inserting it. Be aware of that! Type the code as it is, or copy it from our list and directly paste it into your game.

About Mythic Samkok

About Mythic Samkok
Image via EskyfunUSA

Hop on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Three Kingdoms, where every strategic decision counts and the daily rewards surpass your wildest expectations. Put your strategic skills to the test in intense battles! The key to victory lies in the careful placement of your warriors. Emerge victorious in this thrilling Three Kingdoms adventure.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Three Kingdoms and enjoy the art of brutal warfare with thrilling, action-packed effects. Say goodbye to endless grinding and level up your heroes faster! Adjust your team without losing precious heroes and resources. All equipment and resources are inheritable!

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Mythic Samkok Codes and How to Redeem Them


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