Mystery Match Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


A mysterious burglary has left Emma in a bewildered state. The thieves didn’t bother to steal a couple of specific lockboxes, and upon successfully opening one, she found a piece of a cryptic letter. Now, it’s up to you to help Emma solve the mystery! Mystery Match is a match-3 puzzle game that is very similar to Candy Crush Saga. We’ll help you put the clues together with our Mystery Match cheats, tips and trick strategy guide!

1. Match the special gems!

As to be expected, matching the gems in a certain fashion will create special gems!

  • Beam gems are created when you match four gems. Depending on whether you match them vertically or horizontally, these special gems will shoot out a beam in the corresponding direction that destroys every gem in that row or column.
  • Pulse gems are created when you match gems in a “L” or “T” formation. These gems will detonate when matched and destroy all surrounding gems.
  • Pearls are created when you match five gems. Combining a pearl with any type of gem will immediately destroy all gems of that same color across the entire board.

Utilize these special gems to net you a bunch of points!

2. Try to reach your objective as fast as you can!

Each level has a certain mission you need to complete. Once you complete it, any moves you have left over will turn random gems on the board into beam gems. This is a great way for earning those extra points you need to push you over to the 3 star criteria, so try to fulfill your mission with as many extra moves left.

3. Plan out your moves!

There’s no time limit, so be sure to think about all of your moves before you actually commit to them. Sometimes, you need a certain gem to fall into the right place, and you do that by planning ahead and making sure what gems are going to go where. Take your time and don’t rush!

4. Need different pieces? Work at the bottom!

This is a particular problem that you’ll usually find yourself in when you’re doing the shadow box levels. If you need new gems in a certain area, the best way to go about this is to start working at the bottom of board. Matching gems at the bottom will cause new gems to drop in from the top, allowing you more options to work with.

5. Don’t make individual moves; try to think long term!

You’ll get by in the earlier levels by just going gem by gem, but you’ll need to start thinking ahead for the later levels. For example, in the levels where you need to match a certain amount of a specific type of gem, try creating the special gems listed above. It’s a lot more efficient than just trying to make 3-matches at every chance you get. With one carefully placed beam gem, you could potentially end up destroying a bunch of them with one move.

6. Connect to Facebook to access the future levels quicker!

Every ten levels or so, the story will advance and Emma will travel to a new location. In order to do so though, you need to wait a whole day (24 hours) before the levels unlock. This process can be sped up by either spending the premium currency or by asking three of your Facebook friends to help you out. If you have any friends who also play this, don’t be afraid to ask them to unlock the levels faster!

That should be a good start to your gem-matching journey. If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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Mystery Match Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


  1. Linda, on my level 12 they want you to get 3 symbols down to the bottom of the screen. Are you sure it is level 12? I have passed that level so may be able to help ou.

    • I just beat it try to get five in a row to get spinning globe, get as many as you can and save them to use later…choose wisely…clear the bricks and work from took me 6 tries And 4 lives
      Good luck!

  2. My game is not working properly. I’m having difficulty getting the gems to move in order to make a match. When I make a match it takes forever for the gems to drop. Like they are moving in slow motion! Help!!!!

  3. I never see my score no mater what, why?
    I can see my friends score when I invited them!
    I Phone 6.
    Also I am being timed and the timer goes
    off before it is time for it to!
    My friends are having same trouble!
    We agree to put on FB if you don’t fix!

    • I did. It’s with all the silver things resetting? I just tried again and had 1 left I didn’t get cleared. Making rows of 4 again and again did it for me.

  4. I am stuck on level 153. The smoke comes up from the bottom and blank out one I am trying to match. When I match three of the colors beside the symbols only one or two change. How can I get thru this level.

  5. Stuck on level 168 cannot find any help anywhere, can anyone give me any sort of help? There are not enough moves for you to beat the level!

    • Sorry gave u the wrong answer
      If u can tell me more about that level I
      Might b able to remember how I did it
      I’m stuck on 188 now. There r a few I was stuck on I just did
      Them Over n over n over again n just happen to get it right

      • I’ve been struck on this level for weeks and I still can’t figure out how to do this level. I’m looking forward to some hints from others who

  6. Anyone know how to get to those four blockers in level 3 of the Independence hall special event? The pyramids in front of the blockers do not allow the special row gems to destroy it. And with so small number of moves it looks almost impossible. Any help? Thanks.

  7. Is there a way to earn coins? You can go broke it you get stuck with the other option losing lives. This does not seem to be fair. I refuse to spend more money and lost all lives 3 times on a stuck level. If I don’t have an option of earning coins I will uninstall this game.

  8. This game is set up for failure. I thought these games were for fun not to cause more anger and upset in this world. What happened to most games when you login you receive a free boost. This game is set up to cause you to go broke. Grrrrrrrr

  9. I’m stuck on the gallery prize. It is for the clock conundrum, where you have to enter a code to claim your prize. Does anyone know the code? It is a four digit code.

  10. Im stuck on the snowy crime scene where you have to unlock a tumbler code with squares. I think ive got the first 2 correct just cant get the last two. Help pls anyone

  11. When you say snowy crime scene, do you mean the house with the windows? If I remember correctly each set of windows is a combination of four panes. The panes must be different in each house.

  12. I’m stuck on level 3 in the Easter island challenge-has anyone else beaten this and have any hints to pass along? Been stuck for 2 days now, just not enough moves to get all 3 to clear 150

    • Hi Nancy, I’m on 2054 so when I get there I’ll try to come back here and see if you still need help :-)
      Do you know how I can go back to a level and see how I finished it to help someone else? I may get stuck again and using up $$ or gems to figure it out huh?! Take care, good luck!


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