Mystery at the Movie Club is a brand new Otome game by Abracadabra Inc. You’re going to feel the magic with your favorite character in this complete Mystery at the Movie Club walkthrough – so that you know you’re always making the best choices and enjoying the best ending possible.

Today’s walkthrough will focus on helping you get the best ending with Masaki Igami, but we will soon have the walkthrough for the other character if you chose a different path.

At the moment, this walkthrough is still a work in progress and we still need confirmation that the indicated choices are the best possible ones with best outcome. However, they seem to be the best based on our play time so far and we’re only going to make this walkthrough better (if possible) with your help, so don’t hesitate to help us in the comment section below with the answers we don’t have.

With these in mind, let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Mystery at the Movie Club Masaki walkthrough. And before we get to the actual gameplay, don’t forget to always look for bonuses in the game and collect all goodies. For example, the first week gives you great freebies thanks to the Support Gacha, which offers items that improve your skill – make sure you take them to have an easier life in the game!

Mystery at the Movie Club Walkthrough (Masaki Igami Route)

We’re indicating only the best choices below. As this is work in progress, some of these choices are not confirmed to be the best ones, although we do believe they are. The choices you should make are bolded.

Episode 1 – 5
1. Of course not
2. Yeah……
3. How about you, Masaki?

Episode 1 – 8
1. Don’t invite him
2. Try inviting him
3. Try inviting him so we all go together

Episode 2 – 1
Skill Mission (200+ Skill Required to complete – increase by taking lessons until you get there. Also send member requests)

Episode 2 – 4
1. Open the door
2. Don’t open the door
3. Call out across the door

Episode 2 – 8
1. Ask Ryoma
2. Ask Masaki
3. Open it myself

Episode 3 – 2
1. Yeah
2. What did he say?
3. I forgot

Episode 3 – 5
Skill Mission (650+ Skill Required. Don’t forget to use Stamina refills if you have them!)

Episode 3 – 9
1. Help with lunch duty
2. Don’t help with lunch duty
3. Keep quiet

Episode 4 – 1
Avatar Mission (Platinum or Gold depending on funds for +20 or +10 charm respectively)

Episode 4 – 4
1. About location hunting
2. About Masaki
3. About dinner

Episode 4 – 8
1. If you let me know
2. Can I ask?
3. Of course!

Episode 5 – 3
1. I don’t know
2. My patience ran out
3. I was patient

Episode 5 – 4
If you can get the Premium Route, you get CG and 50+ affection, otherwise you probably get no extra affection for the normal route. Your choice, but if you can do it, the Premium Route definitely helps a lot.

Episode 5 – 9
Skill Mission (3500+ Skill Required)

This would be, for now, everything that we have in terms of Mystery at the Movie Club walkthrough for you and Masaki. We’ll update this walkthrough as we play and have more to share, so check back often. Also, don’t hesitate to share with us the options in the comment section below if you already got there.


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