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My Talking Tom Friends Tips: Cheats & Guide to Have More Fun

My Talking Tom Friends Tips: Cheats & Guide to Have More Fun

My Talking Tom Friends is the perfect family game! Kids and adults alike can now play as all the characters in the franchise and help the little fellows live a perfect life. Fun, colorful and cute – this is one of those games you won’t want to put down!

Today we’re here to share with you a bunch of My Talking Tom Friends tips and tricks in a complete guide to the game. You will learn how to play a better game, how to make more coins and unlock all the things that the game has to offer.

And, above all – to have more fun! So let’s get this started with out top My Talking Tom Friends tips!

Always have your pals do something

Talking Tom and his friends will get bored pretty fast. You should prevent that by always having your furry friends perform some sort of an activity.

My Talking Tom Friends Tips

There are a lot of things to do around the house and in the garden. Usually, it doesn’t really matter what actions you perform, as long as you do something.

It’s best to start a new day by cleaning up the house (removing debris, for example) and performing any urgent tasks. But generally it’s free play and you can choose whatever activity you feel is appropriate for your pals.

Tap those thought bubbles

If you don’t really know what to have them do, your characters will have suggestions. They will usually have a thought bubble above their head. Tap that and they will be automatically taken to the place where they want to perform an action.

Some of the needs (aka thought bubbles) are urgent. When your friends get sick or hungry, this should be addressed ASAP. In this case, the thought bubble will be red. Just tap it and solve the problem!

But, as I said previously, you don’t really have to perform just the actions that your friends want to do. If you don’t like what they want or if you simply feel like having them perform another task, there is no problem (unless we’re talking about a red thought bubble)

Play the minigames!

As fun as it is to see the pets in My Talking Tom Friends perform various actions, it’s ever better to play some minigames yourself! One of the easiest ways to launch one of the many mini-games available is by tapping the TV screen in the living room.

From there, you can select one of the available minigames. Have in mind that all those marked with “ad” are actually links to other games in the franchise. You can certainly install them and play them, but they will have no effect on My Talking Tom Friends.

Choose the minigames that you enjoy playing the most and keep playing them in order to get better and grab those top rewards! Have in mind that some of the items that you unlock in the house can have associated minigames as well.

What minigames are best to play

While you should definitely platy the minigame you enjoy the most, in some you will get rewards faster and easier. Find the one that works the best for you and play it over and over again in order to maximize profits.

I personally found two of the starting minigames extremely easy to play, fun and rewarding. The first one is Guitar Ace which is relatively simple for a rhythm game. The second is Sky Skater where you can generally keep going and grab a ton of rewards in the mean time.

You might have better luck with other minigames, so try them all out and see which one clicks better with you.

Master everything in the game – with all pets

My Talking Tom Friends Tips 1

There are multiple categories that your furry friends can master: puzzle, sports, cooking, socializing and arts.

Each time you perform an action in one of these categories with one of your characters, they improve their star rating in that particular category.

Improving the star rating each of your characters has in these main categories will reward you with various bags of goodies (whenever they fill up a star). Your characters will also be less clumsy when performing actions in a category they have a higher star rating in.

Go on Road Trips to do some shopping

The main way of unlocking new items in the game is by going on Road Trips. Whenever your characters complete an action, they can earn Bus Tokens: once the meter fills up, you can go shopping!

There are various “stores” where you can shop, each giving you a choice to randomly select 5 bags which hold various items.

My Talking Tom Friends Tips 2

Choose the shop appropriate to the item you want to earn in order to increase your chances of getting items in that category.

So for example, if you want a new puzzle game, go to the puzzle store. And so on – although there is always the chance of getting items from other categories as well. Still, going shopping is the way to go if you want to unlock all content in the game ASAP.

Don’t forget to actually activate your items!

Most of the items that you earn in the game won’t be automatically activated. You will have to manually place them in their appropriate spot or activate them from the inventory.

For most of the toys and items you can interact with, you should press the lower left chest button and see what is inside.

But there is more! Tap the fridge to see what foods you have there or tap various things in each area of the house to change their looks. Also, go to the wardrobe and select new clothes for your pet friends!

Some in-game content can only be activated if a character is performing an action there. This is the case of the garden – more on this later!

Watch ads for goodies and speed-ups

Every action in this game requires more or less time to be completed. You can speed up time by watching ads. Simply tap the icon next to the activity to speed it up.

There are ads that reward you with other goodies, like foods for your fridge or coins. Tap the robot vacuum that follows you around to watch an ad for a random reward.

How to unlock all characters in the game?

My Talking Tom Friends Tips 3

Currently, there are six characters that you can unlock in My Talking Tom Friends. In order to get them all, you simply have to play the game.

Really, just play the game, perform activities, unlock new stuff and eventually you will get them all. There doesn’t appear to be an obvious requirement for unlocking a new character.

But if you keep playing the game, are active and perform many activities, you will have them all sooner rather than later. Trust us!

Grow some food in the garden!

During your shopping road trips, you will sometimes get a back of seeds as a reward. It took me a while to figure out how to use these, but eventually I did!

My Talking Tom Friends Tips 4

You can grow crops out of these seeds. In order to do so, you will need to move on of the pets to the garden area outside and while they’re gardening, tap the minigame icon above their head.

This will take you to the gardening “mini game”: from there, you will be allowed to plant seeds and water them until they grow into harvestable crops. These will, in turn, give you food for your pets. Pretty cool stuff!

This would be our My Talking Tom Friends guide for the day! If you have additional advice – or questions for fellow players – don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below!

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My Talking Tom Friends Tips: Cheats & Guide to Have More Fun


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