We’ve got a new My Singing Monsters game! Even though we can see it on our device as “My Singing Monsters 2“, it is actually a prequel to the original game, set in the past, and titled My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. But these are details that don’t matter that much. What matters is that the game is incredibly fun and we are here to share with you a bunch of My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire cheats and tips to help you get all monsters, level them up quickly and unlock all areas in the game.

So let’s not waste any time! There’s a lot of singing to do and we can help you get there with our My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire tips and cheats (for My Singing Monsters 2, just in case it wasn’t clear):

1. Plan your leveling up strategy
The most important part of the game is leveling up your monsters – and in order to do that, you will need to meet their food requirements. At first, it’s relatively easy since you will only have a few possible types of food for them, but as you progress, you will unlock more and soon you will have a huge variety of really difficult to meet demands.

This means that you should plan your monster leveling up by going two monsters at a time: choose one as main monster and focus on meeting its demands, then a second where you will feed any leftover goodies that you craft and are no longer needed (to keep your inventory space low). Only if you use this strategy you’ll be able to go faster through the leveling process – otherwise, randomly feeding them, will take an eternity!

2. Upgrade your Vault ASAP
One of the most important things to upgrade is the Vault: the greater its capacity, the better since you will be allowed to stash more materials and goodies and you’ll go faster through the monster demands. Don’t pay for the Crystal flowers required for leveling up the Vault (or removing trees and upgrading the castle) – instead, keep an eye on your Island and collect those that appear every now and then: they are free and they spawn relatively often.

3. Keep on crafting
Make sure that your crafting buildings are always busy producing something. The rule of thumb to optimize things here is to start orders for things that take a lot of time to be ready when you quit the game and do the quicker ones as soon as you log in. This way, you optimize production times and get the most goods per hour. Don’t forget that even though it’s good to have a bit of everything, that you have limited storage and should craft also considering the needs of your monsters.

4. Breed monsters according to your needs
Early on, it will be pretty easy to breed the double element singing monsters after you get all the single element ones from the shop. However, things will get a bit more complicated when it comes to breeding multiple element ones – but that’s not impossible either. Just check out the requirements in terms of elements in the shop and breed monsters that have them. Three element monster are extremely easy to breed too, and they are almost guaranteed if you mix the correct monsters, based on the ingredients you see required in the shop.

5. Try to get all your monsters to level 4 first
You can’t breed a monster unless its level 4 or above, so try to get all your monsters to this level to make sure that you will indeed be able to breed them when needed.

Timers are extremely long in this game and you will have to wait a lot in order to get where you want to – but the good thing is that there’s no hurry, so enjoy the experience and the singing of your monsters. And don’t forget, if you don’t like a particular one, you can always tap it and then tap the Mute button.

Do you have other tips for My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire? Let us know by commenting!


  1. Great tips. I was wondering what the seedlings in my vault are.
    You get them from cutting down trees but are adding up and filling up my vault. I have around 10 now.

  2. When will the desert looking island on the main continent open? Everything is so cluttered and I cant wait to get to that level to make it more organized and its killing me

  3. On android clearing cache and app data in storage menu from settings fixed the market glitch for me when encountering today. Was relieved.

    Reinstalling may work on iOS.

    Glitter is “crafted” by retrieving it from the Wondermine. They should use the word retrieve for goals as they do in achievements. I’m not sure the level requirements to retrieve glitter.

    • You have to add someone or search someone to look at people’s islands.

      You can do this with the following steps:

      1. Press the arrow next to the shop button.
      2. Press friends.
      3: Visit one of ur friends or, press add friends.
      4. If u know a friend code put it in and then press add and press visit island.
      5. If don’t know a friend code search on a browser, ” My singing monsters dawn of fire friend codes and put one of those in and then repeat step 4.

      Hope I helped!

  4. What I’m wondering is why there is a fire element monster in the past, but it ceases to exist in the future, along with the portals, magic trees, and mainland that the baby monsters are born on. My guess is that it has something to do with the giant island heads. You know, the giant heads that make up the entire expanse of the monster world in the original game. Those giant faces that we either didn’t notice or forgot about immediently. I think they’re actually TYRANTS, that force the monsters to live on their heads and make music for their eternal amusement. I also think that the fire element monsters tried to rebel against them, but were wiped out by the evil island heads, which is why the only surviving fire element was trapped in amber, either as a way to escape the island heads or put there by them as some sort of trophy. Either way, this is why the fire element ceased to exist so long ago. They’re not in the new game because they either didn’t exist yet, or didn’t try to take over their world yet. But those heads make up EVERY SINGLE ISLAND in the first game, which seems a bit suspicious to me. Before the new game, I thought that’s just how their world worked, they lived on giant heads, but after seeing how things were in the PAST, it made me realize that things weren’t always this way.

  5. I am having problems with trying to get this green glob for one of the monsters is it something that can be crafted or is it something that I have to use my diamonds for. I have checked all my crafting places and don’t see this glob

  6. Hey if anyone wants to friend me my friend code is LGT76N8J. I’m at level 6 as I type this and my name on the game is BitaBooey. My pic is a mammot :).


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