Tigrido, the team behind the popular Dictator series, brings us My Majesty, another game where you take the role of a ruler. This time, you’ll be overseeing the development of a new medieval era kingdom. Instead of modern every day people, you’ll be dealing with nobles, outlaws, thinkers, and common peasants. Game play wise, My Majesty plays exactly like the Dictator games except with a medieval fantasy theme. Also like those games, this one is all about planning and balance. We’ve got a couple tips about that right here in our My Majesty cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Get gold crosses as soon as possible!

You should have no problem with money if you raise a faction’s popularity to gold cross level. You will start earning gold crosses with a faction once you’ve surpassed ten regular crosses with them. Each golden cross is worth N20.000, and the amount you earn is automatically applied after the end of each turn when your expenses are tallied up. Your expenses are N100.000 per turn by default, not counting any action-specific expenses. This means that you need at least five gold crosses in total to break even. You’ll have a positive net gain if you have any more crosses than that.

2. Favor one faction early on!

The easiest way to get gold crosses fast for us was to just focus on one faction at the beginning of a run. Of course, don’t focus so much that one faction drops into the red. Balance is key, but favoring one faction will help you get gold crosses easier. Don’t try to get a bunch of gold crosses with multiple factions, as it’s just too hard – if not impossible – to balance that much.

3. Upgrade your taxes!

Try to upgrade your taxes as soon as you can. Upgrading tax collection increases the treasury’s maximum capacity and income rate. Keep in mind that the game moves along on a per turn basis and there is no rush for you to advance if you don’t want to. You can wait for your taxes to generate some money if you find yourself stuck in an emergency and your next turn is a do-or-die situation. This is why it’s important to keep your taxes upgraded, as you won’t have to wait too long for more money to come in.

4. Save Merlin’s assistance for emergencies!

Speaking of emergencies, try to hang onto your Merlin spells until you’re in a bind. These spells can really turn the tables if a faction is about to go overboard and you need immediate assistance. Also, remember that there are random events that can suddenly destroy your popularity with any faction. That’s when it’s a good time to ask for Merlin’s assistance! You can buy ten more spells at the costly price of 100 diamonds.

That’s all for My Majesty. Got anymore ruling tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below!



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