If you ever wanted to run your own hospital, Cherrypick Games has a real treat for you. They have just launched a game simply called “My Hospital” and it’s really fun for those who love time management games. There are a lot of things to do in the game and even more patients to cure, so we’re here to help you get the job done by sharing some My Hospital cheats and tips – a complete strategy guide for everybody!

Many things get unlocked as you play the game and it does have a lot of great features coming as you progress through the levels, so if you’re having fun now, you’ll have even more fun as your hospital grows. But until then, let’s take everything step by step and let’s check out some My Hospital game tips and tricks below!

1. Search for hidden treasure
Every now and then – and especially after being away from the game for a while – make sure that you check out the entire area of the game and the surroundings of your hospital. You will often find a hidden treasure chest which, once tapped, will reward you with nice goodies that will help you progress faster.

2. Upgrade everything ASAP
Even though the game won’t explicitly tell you in the tutorial, you can and should upgrade your Panacea Collector as soon as possible: this is done using regular coins only, so make sure to upgrade it often in order to not only increase its capacity, but also the amount of Panacea it makes per hour.

Two other extremely important things to upgrade are your Storage and Tank, but for those you need premium items. You get those randomly dropped in the game, but you can also keep an eye on the Pharmacy and purchase them from there whenever they’re available on sale. That’s one of the things to spend your coins on because it will prove extremely useful in the long run!

3. Always work on cures
Getting new medicine is extremely important and the most difficult task of the game. Everything starts off with just a few things that you can craft, but pretty soon you will have so many things on your hands that you can really lose yourself there. The key is to produce the fastest ingredients when you are playing the game, then always leave the ones you’ll have to wait longer for for when you log out. Always keep your lab machines working and, if nothing else is required (for completing the daily missions, for example) focus on producing the medicine that gives you the biggest rewards. You won’t be able to cure everybody constantly when your hospital will grow, so focus on the rewards that matter.

4. Build everything as soon as you unlock them
As soon as you level up, you unlock new stuff you can build for your hospital or your lab – as well as some new features every now and then. Make sure that you start working on those as soon as you unlock them because the waiting times are huge and you will need them eventually. So get a head start by buying them and starting the timer as soon as possible!

5. Leave decorations for later
I am sure you’d like to personalize your hospital and make it look amazing, but have in mind that decorations bring no real value than eye candy. Your coins, especially early on in the game, can be spent better in other areas, such as purchasing new rooms, equipment for the lab, items for upgrades and so on. So keep the looks minimal until you really have a ton of coins on your hands.

6. Micromanage your space
Space is extremely limited in the game and you have to micromanage it like a pro. The lab seems to be a bit more problematic – and it happens faster than it does with the hospital. You can always purchase expansions, but they get more and more expensive so you should always use the space you have at a maximum. My suggestion is to never buy decorations for the Lab simply because there’s never enough space. Instead, place all the equipment close together and the on long rows in between. It won’t look great, but it will get the job done!

7. Minigames & freebies
There are a bunch of freebies that you can get into the game, either as free rewards offered after some time passes, or as rewards from minigames or watching ads. Make sure that you always take advantage of these and collect them often in order to progress through the game at a faster rate. When it comes to minigames, my strategy is to never pay the coins (or, afterwards the Hearts) for a new pick – but I make an exception when I draw the 200 coins reward or another coin reward. This way, you make some extra money anyway and you get a brand new item as well!

8. Add friends
Adding friends is good not only to check and compare your progress to theirs, but also for checking out their pharmacies and purchasing goodies directly from them. So take advantage and add as many friends as possible to get all the benefits from this feature!

These would be right now our tips and tricks for My Hospital by Cherrypick Games. If you have questions or extra tips that will help us progress faster, let us know by sharing a comment below!


  1. Hello.
    I’m notert getting any money when patients are done the X-ray room. Am I doing something wrong or have anyone some tips for meg?

    • All those rooms do is diagnose. Once done they go back to the patient room with now a known cure that you have to give them. You only get money from curing, not diagnosing.

  2. To swoosh just tap the patient and bring up the card then swipe left through the cards until you reach the required count to complete the task.

    • Through the pharmacy click on your pharmacy and click buy goods at the bottom the click on one of the pictures that comes up then you will be in their pharmacy. Excit the pharmacy and it will show your thief hospital and at the top of the page will be their name and a thumbs up logo click the thumbs up and you will like their hospital and it will save as your friend Hope this helps and makes sense lol.

  3. What do the exclamation marks mean on your profile picture? I thought it was because they needed help in their garden or the yellow building, but sometimes when I try to help, there is nothing to help with. Am I missing something?

  4. What are the pink jems for & were & what do you use them for. I collect them but nothing on the game to say what you do with them??

  5. Hi,
    Was wondering how to make red extract, have looked online everywhere but nothing has come up! I have looked through all my medicine making machines and the medicinal plant options, but still nothing.