An interior designer is you! My Home is a game like no other, as you’ll be getting those creative design thoughts flowing! As a newly appointed home designer, you’re in charge of fulfilling people’s requests around the world. They’ll want their rooms designed in certain ways, so it’s up to you to make their dream room! Our My Home cheats and tips will start you off with some good designing tips!

There’s no place like home, so we’ll help you make sure you create the best homes with the help of our My Home cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Meet the requirements!

When you’re designing a room, just let your imagination and creativity do the work! There are no hidden criteria or conditions that you have to meet, so you can use whatever you like. The only thing to be aware of is that certain clients ask that you use a certain piece of furniture in the design. For example you might be asked to use a metal or wooden piece of furniture – stuff like that. These are the only rules that you have to play by, and even better is that you only need a certain number of furniture to match the requirement, say for example you’ll need at least two pieces of metal furniture. After you hit the requirement you can put in whatever you like, so don’t limit your creativity!

Green spots are optional!

Remember that green furniture spots are optional spots and you don’t need to fill them in to finish the room. Of course you can do so if you like, but the only thing it could potentially affect is when your rooms are getting voted on by other real life players. Building a room with the just the required slots will still get you the same amount of immediate coins and and keys. If you want to save some coins, you might want to pass on buying optional furniture.

Start voting for keys!

If you’re low on keys, you can go to your feed to view other players’ designs and rooms. You’ll be shown two rooms from the same challenge but from different players, and you get to vote on the better design. Every five votes will net you three keys, and you can do this as much as you’d like. If you’ve exhausted your design ideas, why not take some inspiration from other players?

Clear as many challenges as you can!

All of the challenges you see on the world map are actually timed. Try to do as many as you can, because not only will you get the immediate rewards for clearing the challenge but you’ll also potentially get further rewards if you do well during the voting phase. Remember: it’s all about presentation, as other players will decide how well your design does in the end!

That’s all for My Home! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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