My Emma is a really cute baby simulation game that asks you one important question: do you have what it takes to raise a baby? I am sure you’re up for the challenge and are trying to get the most for your little girl (hopefully we’ll be able to choose a boy too, soon!) but I am here to help make your job even easier by sharing some My Emma cheats and tips: a complete strategy guide for a happy baby that grows as fast as possible.

So if you get stuck or you never have enough coins for all the items that your baby needs, let’s check out below the My Emma tips and cheats below!

1. It’s all about the money
And no, I am not quoting old songs here! The truth is that, just like in real life, in My Emma you need a lot of coins to keep your baby happy. And although most activities that you can perform in the game (make sure to tap everything!) can reward you with some coins, you get the biggest chunk from playing games. So make that your main activity for raising money purposes.

2. Double the money earned
After completing a game, you can watch an ad and double the coins you have earned while playing. Make sure you only do so when you have a huge amount of coins won, as you won’t be able to double all your earnings daily and the ads will run out. So make them count and only double your biggest earnings.

3. Go on a minigame marathon
I know, it is really bad to see your little baby have so many other needs, but the truth is that nothing bad will happen if you ignore her for a little while. And while you do so, go for a minigame marathon! Based on your level, you will have more or less games unlocked and after playing all of them for a few times, you should know which one is the easiest for you and can give you most coin rewards. In my case, it’s the Bullseye game that gives me most coins for the time invested, but the Cupcake maker is also pretty simple and rewarding.

It doesn’t really matter what game you choose – just pick the one you enjoy the most, and play it 10 or 15 times in a row to get a nice batch of coins to start up. Playing one game 10 times should give you a minimum of 1,000 coins – but you can play a lot more if you need more. Just make sure that you have a ton of money before trying anything else because it’s all really expensive when it comes to raising a baby!

4. Cater for the needs of your baby
The baby has a few basic needs and it’s your job to make sure that all the needs are met. You can see the baby’s needs by tapping the house icon and checking out the room: each room has a meter beneath it, and the more it is filled (green), the better for you. If it’s completely empty, it means that those needs are not at all met. Try to keep a balance and have them all as close to the right margin as possible in order to have a happy, healthy baby.

5. More actions, more rewards
The more actions you perform in the same room in a row, the better your rewards and the more you will feel the needs meter of your baby. So when taking a bath, for example, start with the soap, but then go to the toothbrush, shampoo and only afterwards use the shower and towel. The same goes for all the other actions.

6. The more expensive the item, the better the result
This is easy to see when feeding your baby: the more expensive the item you purchase, the better. It doesn’t really matter what you feed your baby in My Emma, so just get a lot of the most expensive things and keep feeding them for a perfectly healthy baby. If you want to roleplay, though, feel free to use a diet that’s as varied as possible!

7. New clothes vs old clothes
One of the big mistakes I used to make was related to the clothes in the game: every time my baby wanted new clothes, I went and purchased some for her. As they get more and more expensive, it’s really difficult to do. But I realized that I can switch her clothes between them an she will still be perfectly happy. Huge money saver!

And these would be our tips and tricks for My Emma: if you have some tricks of your own, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.


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