Diggy diggy dog, where are you off to this time? My Diggy Dog is an exploration platformer where you play as the titular Diggy Dog, a dog determined to carry on their master’s legacy! Our My Diggy Dog cheats and tips will help you become a master digger, and hopefully find some neat treasure along the way!

There’s a lot to dig through here, so let’s get started with our My Diggy Dog cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Train your backpack!

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? But you’re going to definitely want to train your Diggy Dog in the ways of the backpack. Starting out your diggy buddy will only be able to carry one item at a time. Things will become tedious very quickly as you run back and forth between the seller and the caves. For an easier time, try starting your tunnel as close to the item seller as you can, but other than that you’ll need to upgrade your backpack as soon as possible.

As you bring back items to sell, you’ll notice that they will vary greatly in terms of price. Some things will sell for about 3 to 5 gold, while certain rarities will sell for around 2000 gold. You’ll never know the worth of new items you find, so just keep bringing things back until you get enough to upgrade the backpack.

Give your diggy dog some courage!

Bravery should be the next upgrade you priortize – try to buy at least the first upgrade. Bravery is essentially your depth limit; going past what your Diggy Dog is comfortable with will put them into a scared state. In this state Diggy will constantly lose health, so you’ll need to scramble back up to safety. You can tell how close you are to your limit by the little ghost icon on the status bar. As you descend it’ll empty, and once its completely drained you’ve hit your limit. The first upgrade for Bravery is reasonable, but the level 2 upgrade costs a whopping 5000 gold, so it’s okay to just have the first upgrade for now.

Prepare for the trip!

This isn’t too important early on since you’ll be so close to the surface still, but later on you’ll need to prepare for deep dives. You have three item slots in your backpack by default, and more can be bought with gems. If you’re planning to dig deep, bring at least one chicken leg, one first aid kit, and maybe dynamite if you want to be extra careful. Most enemies can be scared off with dynamite, but you might also want to save it for destructible boulders.

Find those chests!

Occasionally you’ll find a treasure key while spelunking. These keys will open rare chests that contain rare relics for you to add to the Relic Site. You’ll find the keys easy enough, but the hard part is finding the chests. These chests can be hidden anywhere, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny in the tunnels. If you have to, you might even want to dig out entire rows to ensure you don’t miss a spot!

Jetpack tricks!

Diggy is strapped with a incredibly helpful jetpack that has unlimited fuel, so take advantage of it! If you didn’t know, there’s fall damage in this game, so if Diggy falls fast and far enough the poor guy will take damage upon landing. To prevent this gently ease him down using the jetpack to control your fall speed. In addition to that, the longer you’re boosting straight upward, the faster the jetpack will be. This is useful for getting back to the surface quickly through vertical shafts.

That’s all for My Diggy Dog. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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