My Boo – Your Virtual Pet game is the complete title of this pet raising game that offers a lot of fun to those who really enjoy taking care of virtual little animals. With a ton of upgrade options available and a lot of content, My Boo is challenging and difficult, so we’ve decided to make it easier for you and share with you some My Boo cheats and tips on how to make more coins and progress faster through the game!

So if you want to really take My Boo forward, check out our cheats and tips below and reap on the benefits!

1. The time lapse cheat
If you don’t want to wait for the energy meter to fill up, you have a little cheat that will help: turn the light off in the Boo’s bedroom, then exit the app. Make sure you completely close it (swipe up the app’s icon to remove it from the cache) and go to the settings of your device, then forward the time. Restart the game and the energy meter is full!

2. How to earn more coins
The easiest and best way to earn more coins in My Boo is to master the mini games. Every person has a favorite and you will surely have one that you’ll enjoy playing the most – mastering it will give you better rewards than other games.

However, if you were to ask me, I would suggest really focusing on two games: the Bubble Pop game where, depending on your run, if you can score a ton of combos, you can go all the way to getting hundreds of coins, or the Matching game which goes a lot faster and random tapping will earn you quite a few coins. But in the end, if there is a game that you also enjoy playing the most, that’s the one that you have to play, because ultimately My Boo has to be really fun!

Also, in the gameroom, take the ball or jumping rope or whatever you have unlocked and play with Boo, it will give you free coins.

Finally, you can go to the Shop from the menu and watch free video ads for 100 coins each – make sure you watch all the available ads daily!

3. Take good care of your Boo
There are a few things that you have to do to take care of your Boo: when the food meter goes down, feed it: buy the items that give you the most food back, the little fellow really has no preference otherwise! When the Heart meter goes down, you can either fill it up with some food, or by playing games. When boo gets dirty, you have to clean it, or give medicine if he’s sick. Generally, take good care of the little fellow as if it were a real pet.

4. Level up for more items
The most important thing for your Boo is to level it up in order to unlock more items and room customization options. You earn more experience from playing the mini games and also from generally playing the game, so make sure that you are active and play often in order to level up faster.

5. Turn off the lights!
Don’t forget to actually turn off the lights when you stop playing the game, so your Boo’s energy refills faster and you have more energy for the mini games.

6. Get more Boos!
You think you can handle more? You can get more Boos and start leveling them up the same way as your original one. Get as many as you can take care of at once for extra fun!

Otherwise, just play and enjoy your experience. My Boo is not a game to master quickly, but a really long ride! Have fun!


  1. I new all of this stuff! I came on this web site for cheets to level up fast without wasting your coins. See I want to go on level 50 but I’m only on level 12!! Err!!

  2. This advice is stupid everyone has already had this information and to be honest i just read this thinking why did i come on the internet for cheats when im on level 49

  3. The time lapse cheat is stupid who wants to do all that work just to get more energy on a game??? They can just play another game until the energy meter fills up.


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