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My Animal Hospital Cheats: Tips & Guide to Cure Everybody

My Animal Hospital Cheats: Tips & Guide to Cure Everybody

The My Animal Hospital tips and tricks we will share with you in today’s article will not only help you become a better vet, but also make all the right choices in what regards all animals crossing your hospital door.

We’ve put together these My Animal Hospital tips and cheats so you can relax and enjoy the game more by knowing exactly what you have to do and what you can actually do to improve the life of those sick little critters. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into our My Animal Hospital guide!

Tend to the sick ones first

You will have at some point a few sick animals that will be admitted into the hospital. Even if you don’t have a lot of rooms to accommodate everybody at start, you will have to make do with what you got. So the quicker you heal the sick little ones you’ve got at hand, the sooner you will be able to admit new patients and care for them.

In order to do this properly I suggest feeding them constantly, presenting them with treats and petting them. Feeding these animals the right food is also important, so always pay attention to their preferences. If you want to keep them really happy, learn their favorite food and they will be forever thankful! 

I mean, always make sure you feed the cats meat and the raccoons fish (it’s their favorite)! And by cleaning their rooms and tending to them (even giving them a little treat) you will greatly increase their affection and general stats so once they get discharged they will give you better rewards!

Explore around the premises

Once in a while take a look around the yard and the hospital buildings because you might find some cool stuff. Varying from gold to medical supplies, anything is useful here. So whenever you see a big coin floating around, tap it!

The same goes for the doctor’s case; when you spot it, tap it! You will be rewarded coins (if you tap the coin) or anything from pills to food and treats for the animals. This is not much, but if you are short on funds (which I doubt will ever be the case if you follow what I said in the first point, a.k.a. tending for the animals properly) this is a good way to keep your hospital supplied with goods.

Watch an ad to get a treasure 

You probably noticed it by now; that big mole hole in front of the hospital, that is not too pretty to look at, but you also can’t do anything about it. So what is it, you wonder? Well, every few hours something good will pop out of there. But if you don’t want to wait that long and you really want some cool rewards, you can just tap it and watch an ad.

By watching an ad you will be rewarded a few diamonds which will be super useful when you want to unlock new animals or rooms. This is only going to take you 30 seconds, so if you really want that llama added to your patient list, make sure you watch whenever possible!

Decorate the hospital your own way

If you want a tropical looking hospital (that’s my favorite theme to go for here) or if you simply want something to look good, then pick what ever makes you happy and attracts you!

You have plenty of decorations to choose from, and more than enough room for everything! It doesn’t cost a fortune to decorate also, so if you cared for your patients properly the money will keep rolling in. 

You can also keep changing the theme if you get bored with it, but first make sure you decorate the available space because you might change your mind in the meantime!

Choose the right food type and show some care

The animals will always prefer fresh food over dry food, so always try to provide the best fresh food there is for that type of animal (I mean, don’t even think about giving fish to a llama).

If you offer the animal dry food after its stars increased from the fresh food, you might lose all the progress, so I strongly suggest you avoid that if you want the animal to be happy. Also, don’t forget that by simply tending to the animal, its stars increase over time. So the longer their admission and the better care you provide, the better the rewards will be at the end. 

Also, whenever possible, try to upgrade the patient rooms because the more comfort they have, the better the outcome; and the stars you will get.

Buy in advance

If you don’t feel like tapping the button to acquire food every single time you have a new patient admitted, I suggesting buying food in advance. What I suggest here to do is always having 10 of each food at all times with you, because you never know.

The same goes for the medical supplies. Don’t worry, the patients will keep coming in, so the medical supplies will never be wasted (if that crossed your mind). It’s not necessary to have 10 of each medical supplies, but let’s say 5. This is going to save time every time a new patient arrives and will make the game much smoother. 

Unlock new animals

With time, you will definitely unlock all the animals available. Since you already have the cat and raccoon unlocked by default, and the wolf unlocked early on (because of the quest and cost), the rest will come with diamonds:

30 diamonds: black bear, gray fox

40 diamonds: polar bear, panda, red fox

80 diamonds: arctic fox, ocelot, sloth, koala, llama

130 diamonds: Labrador, alpaca

I suggest going for the gray fox first, if you really want a new animal, but the best thing you could do is upgrade the clinic. Opening a laboratory is mandatory in curing more diseases and it only costs 10 diamonds, so make sure you do that ASAP!

After you unlock the laboratory, save 50 diamonds for the X-ray room and only after start unlocking animals. There is no fun in having patients but no facilities to treat them, so this will greatly enhance the quality of your clinic and services.

So, after playing the game and realizing all the small (and big) issues a cute little animal can have, if your dream of becoming a vet is still standing, then you are one step closer in becoming the real thing!

These would be all the My Animal Hospital tips and tricks we have gathered for you, animal lovers, but if you have some more suggestions and tips for the other players, leave them down in the comments below!


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My Animal Hospital Cheats: Tips & Guide to Cure Everybody


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