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Multiverse Defenders Tier List

Multiverse Defenders Tier List
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If you want to beat the evil forces threatening the existence of the anime multiverse, you will probably want only the best heroes by your side. The most seductive approach to picking your team might be to just go with your favorite characters, but that won’t always be the best idea. Your success in this tower defense Roblox game will depend on your strategy and in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each unit.

Therefore, we have compiled a tier list of Multiverse Defenders heroes that should give you all the info you need to understand which heroes are worth keeping and which ones should be benched at the first chance. Let’s dive in!

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Multiverse Defenders Tier List

Multiverse Defenders banner
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Before we get to the actual hero placement, we should inform you that this tier list is the result of our deep dive into the performance of each unit but also our personal preferences. For that reason, our tier list may not entirely match your opinions, and we would love to hear about your rankings in the comments below.

Here’s how we ranked all the currently available Multiverse Defenders heroes:

SSabo, Shonks
AAkainon, Bankugo, Endeavor, Kizarun, Sakuran, Todorko
BBulmi, Friezo, Lao, Paon
CGaran, Ichigon, Noroto, Overhaueo
DHinaka, Kakashin, Tanjiron, Uranka, Vegetan

The Best Units in Multiverse Defenders

In our opinion, the best unit in Multiverse Defenders (at least, at the moment) has to be Shonks (Red Hair). This title goes to him because of his amazing damage potential, even though the odds of summoning this Mythical from the banner are super low—only 0.5%. We also may or may not be partial to the fact that this character draws inspiration from One Piece.

Lao in Multiverse Defenders
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

Since Shonks can be quite difficult to obtain, we want to include Lao on the list of the best units in Multiverse Defenders. Lao is an Epic unit, meaning you stand a much better chance of getting him—10%, to be exact. If you pull Lao as a beginner, he should serve you well until you can replace him with some stronger units. In the end, it all boils down to your luck with the summoning mechanism in the game.

Don’t forget to share your faves in the comments below and check out more Roblox tower defense games that we cover here on TouchTapPlay!

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Multiverse Defenders Tier List