Noodlecake Studios have launched an endless swiping, taco making game on the App Store called Mucho Taco and we found it really difficult to put the game away and share with you this Mucho Taco cheats and tips strategy guide that will help you get as much taco as possible and become the taco master of the universe. Because, well, it’s not that often that you can swipe out tacos from a sun-sized tortilla, right?

That’s the case, so let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s Mucho Taco tips and cheats to get the most from this great game.

Double rewards smartly
You will see that you can double the rewards you get from Pinatas and Super Pinatas, but you should be smart about it: you will only get a limited number of ads you can watch per day, so you should make them count.

In other words, I would suggest to only double the rewards when you get nice ingredients, the boost of Tacos and when you get 2 or more coins. All the other rewards are not that great and they’re not worth doubling.

Watch your restaurants
Every one minute or so, I would suggest to check out your restaurants. The customers drop tacos there and they have a greater value the higher the level of your restaurant is. You can easily get 1,000 tacos per run this way and probably even more as you progress.

Find a rhythm for your swiping
Unlike endless clickers, where you can sometimes use 4 or more fingers to tap the screen, the most you will manage to do with in Mucho Taco is two: so find the perfect rhythm to optimize swiping speed and use both hands to swipe. You can’t have an extremely fast pace as the game won’t record as many swipes, but you can optimize a lot by practicing.

The time lapse cheat
It makes little sense to use it, but if you really want an extra Tacos boost, go to your device’s settings and set the time forward by as much as it is needed for your shops to close, then go to the game and collect the goodies. (Note: we are receiving some reports that this is no longer working: still worth a try, though)

What upgrades to purchase?
Both new restaurants and upgrades for the taco swiping are really expensive, and the order in which you get them will make your life easier or more difficult. Here is my suggestion on how to do it:

– Get the first two restaurants first and upgrade each of them once
– Gather tacos until you have enough to buy the 20k ingredient upgrade
– Level up your first two restaurants to level 3, then purchase the third restaurant.
– Get the level 4 grilled beef, then focus for a while on your restaurants

The idea is that eventually, you will want your restaurants to be as effective as possible in order to get passive taco revenue instead of having to be there and swiping constantly.

Do you have other tips and strategies for fellow Mucho Taco players? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. I double everything and have never run out of ads.
    This game is extremely addictive :) Does anyone know what the pig icon is for? I don’t see a way to use this collection of pig currency.

    • You can buy prestige, the cost is 15 chilly coins
      for buy prestige click where it says “much boost” now see left and see a crown , there you can buy prestige, sorry my bad english

  2. There are prestige levels for the restaurants for the 15 chili coins price, but once you purchase every restaurant, there is a journey to find that origin of the sun taco. that is the “reset” mechanic.


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