MU Origin, the fantasy MMORPG by Webzen, is rolling out its biggest update yet. The game is introducing loads of new content for beginners and seasoned experts alike, just in time for summer. You’ll find new cosmetic updates, like the Swimsuit costume, which can be obtained from Epic Chests during event periods. But there’s also a bunch of new all-server events and fresh mechanics to keep you entertained for months. Here’s what you can expect.

The game is looking to welcome new players with open arms in the New Warrior Event. After creating a character, new players will have access to this 7-day event which offers Login Rewards, Recharge Rewards, as well as 7-Day Goals and 7-Day Limited Sales on premium items.


Those with more experience won’t be left in the dust, though. The Land of Ordeal, an all-new Server Boss Field, is serving up heaps of fresh challenges. Every Saturday and Sunday, players can register to team up with nearly 100 other players from every server to fight five new bosses and a host of other monsters. Players who do the most damage to bosses will even earn exclusive rewards.

Folks over 10 Rebirth and 15,000 Zen to spare, too, can gain access to Kalutan, a new all-server area. If you fit those requirements, you’ll be able to venture into this new environment and explore with fresh faces from every server.

If you want to play it a bit closer to home, though, you might enjoy the new Domain System. MU Origin will now allow players to hire workers to build their own base, which can contain up to four buildings — the Observatory, Tower of Magic, Gate of Ordeal, and the Tower of Battle. As your buildings develop, you’ll even earn Star Essence, Gems, Achievements, and Fame.



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