MU Origin, everyone’s favorite action MMORPG, is ending the year with a bang in its December update. The latest content patch introduces a slew of new features that are sure to entertain even the most world-weary adventurer. The level cap’s been raised to 12 rebirth Lv. 100, opening up new opportunities to strengthen your character, plus you’ll find fresh chances to fight monsters and compete against other highly skilled players.

The Battle of Emperor introduces new ways to test your mettle in epic 20vs20 battles that pit Alliance members against the Order. Destroy your opponent’s Mineral Base, and you’ll earn a generous prize of experience points, Emperor points, and Bound Zen. Spend those hard-earned Emperor points on Tarot Cards, another brand new feature that unlocks once you complete the Master of the Forest quest. Equip these cards to gain new special options for your character.

Team up with your companion in the Companion Arena for a little bonding time. This new mode sees pairs of Companions facing off against each other. Winners are granted with rewards and a special costume, just for the best companion. temporary buffs to aid you in battle, and you compete in the Arena 10 times a day to really take advantage of those effects. You’ll now be able to send Blessings to other Companions, too, using Flowers that bestow your compatriots with unique effects.

The December update isn’t stopping there, though, introducing even more ways to upgrade your character with the new Accessories system. You can now buy Accessories for your character from shops or earn them by fulling specific requirements. These new equippable items grant your character new options for added staying power in a tough fight. If you’re simply looking to upgrade your wardrobe, though, MU Origin is celebrating the holidays, gifting players with a Santa Costume. You can also adopt a new seasonal pet, Snow.

What are you waiting for? You can find MU Origin on the App Store and Google Play. The latest MU Origin trailer has been released today, and what the newest update includes is now available on the official WEBZEN YouTube channel:


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