MU Origin brings the fantasy fun and Diablo-esque action of its PC predecessor MU Online to the mobile. Since its release two years ago, it’s changed quite a bit through successive updates, patches and behind-the-scenes tweaks. The latest introduces a new guild event, a new all-server area, and a new character class – well, sort of new.

The Summoner first appeared in MU Online as a character capable of conjuring creatures and casting spells. In MU Origin, she joins the ranks of the Elf, Dark Knight, Magic Knight and Dark Wizard. You won’t be able to choose her at the outset like the other classes, though. You’ll either need an existing character above 3 Rebirth Level 1, or have a Scroll of Dark Souls. The scrolls are purchasable from the in-game shop.

When you create a Summoner, she arrives at 2 Rebirth Level 1 with Tier 5 equipment and stats comparable to the Dark Wizard. You can reset her stats using Unbound Diamonds if you want to re-jig things a little. The Summoner delivers magical damage, and summons the Valkyrie in battle, so should prove a great addition to the make-up of your guild.

If you want to test the Summoner out, you can now create a Sub Character. This is basically an alternative character of a different class that shares your main character’s Rebirth level, resources, wardrobe, pets, stat points and more. Of course, your equipment, skills and stat distributions will differ. Whenever you’re in a safe area like Lorencia, you can switch between characters. So you get to experience other classes without having to start from scratch. Neat, eh?

The update also ushers in a new guild event – Land of Struggle. Unlocked for guilds level 6 and above, this tournament pits you against rival guilds from other servers as you try to defeat the boss. The guild that deals the highest damage and clears the dungeon in the quickest time is the overall winner. The preliminary battle takes place each Wednesday to determine which 16 guilds qualify for the tournament.

The main tournament is held the following Thursday and Friday, with guilds divided into pairs to compete in the same arena. PVP is permitted, so your guild can divide its attention between defeating the boss and fighting its rivals. All that cross-server squabbling can net you experience points, Bound Zen, contribution points and The Emperor Card, so it’s worth rallying the troops for.

Other additions to the game include a new refinement system to supe up your Tier 11+ equipment. The Forge allows you to use sapphires, amethysts and Unbound Zen to improve the options offered by Enhancement. You can test your mettle (and metal) in the new all-server area, West Akeron, accessible for players of 12 Rebirth and over from the All-Server Map menu. Don one of the new scarlet-red Blood Costumes, acquirable from Epic Chests, and capture the three vicious chickens as pets – Robot Chicken, Rooster and Emperor Chick.

To explore MU Origin and its latest features, download the game from the App Store and Google Play for free.


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