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In today’s article we are going to continue our journey of clarifying everything about the amazing game Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice, by getting into our next guide, the Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Karma guide! 

In the Karma guide we will tell you step by step everything that you need to know about Karma, from what it is to how you acquire it and how you upgrade it. By now you probably checked out our Experts guide, and if not, you can do so in order to learn everything about the in game Experts and how they work! 

But thus being said, let’s dive right into our Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Karma guide!

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – What is Karma?

Karma is the collection of cards that you have, which can be found in the main interface of the game (on the left side of the screen). This card collection will consist of several cards you obtain, which you can then use to complete the missions.

The Karma card collection will have all types of characters’ cards, some of which can be considered better than others. There are many things that you can do with your Karma (cards), from evolving to upgrading them. All of these features will help you gain rewards and special interactions with the characters, so it’s definitely something you should do.

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – Karma types

In game there are 5 types of karma: N, NH, R, SR and SSR. The N cards are the weakest ones, and the SSR cards are the most powerful ones. The Karma types comes into play when you are completing the missions and want to obtain the highest scores possible. 

For example, if you have a N Karma and a SR Karma, both having the same trait which is required in the mission, you will want to go for the SR as that will most definitely be better than the N one. 

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – How to get more Karma

There are a few ways you can obtain more Karma, and that could be considered the equivalent of a “summon” in a gacha game. You have three main ways of getting more Karma:

– Summoning (with Gold or with Gems) in the Wish Tree

– Combining Shards

– Redeeming with Flowers

How to get more Karma by summoning:

This is one of the easiest ways for you to get Karma, because it’s certain (you get it whenever you want) and you can get it no matter if you are a free player or a premium player.

One Karma with Gems costs 200 Gems, and 10 Karma cost 1800 Gems. The Karma with Gold costs 3000 each, and if you choose to buy 10 you only pay 2700. Basically for each 10 cards bought you pay for 9 only. 

All you have to do here is simply head on to the Wish Tree in the main interface and you can choose to either buy 1 Karma or 10 at once. Usually the “Buy 10” option is better, because it gives you a small discount on the overall price.

The Karma with Gems is better because it also gives you guaranteed a SR Karma for buying 10, so if you are a free player you will most definitely want to save your Gems to get this one. This cannot be said for the Gold Karma unfortunately, but it’s still good because of the one free which you get. 

Sometimes when you summon Karma, you also have the chance to get Shards, which we will go over in the next section!

How to get more Karma by combining Shards:

If you open the Karma menu in the main interface you will see on top of the screen a “Shards” tab next to the “My Karma” tab. Go to Shards and there you will see all of the Shards you have collected thus far. 

You can obtain more shards from the Wish Tree (like I mentioned above), by going to the Store in the Box Office Contest (which can be refreshed, so keep an eye on it if you’re looking for a particular shard), from Footage and by exchanging Challenge Medals at the 24 Hour Challenge Store.

Now if you are uncertain about how you obtained some of the Shards that you got, simply tap on it and you can see where you can obtain more of them. 

Once you have collected enough Shards, it will require some Gold to make the shards into an actual card, so make sure you are prepared because the cost in not that low! To combine Shards into a R card it costs 15000 Gold, to make a SR card it will cost 30000 Gold, and for the ultimate SSR card it’s going to be 45000 Gold! 

How to get more Karma by redeeming Flowers:

This is yet another way that you can obtain full cards, but it might take a while! The Flowers can be found in the Wish Tree menu, and whenever you buy new Karma, no matter which one you go for, you will have a chance to get Petals or Flowers (let’s hope it’s Flowers – you’ll see why).

If you get Petals, you can’t really do much but keep them because every 100 Petals you get they will be automatically combined into 1 Flower. Now if you go to the Redeem tab in the Wish Tree, you will see that there are quite a few SSR cards that you can get, so even if you are unlucky with the Buy Karma, if you gather enough Flowers you’ll get them!

In my opinion this is the only certain option for you to get SSR Karma guaranteed, without spending thousands of Gems and praying that you get something good. 

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – How to upgrade your Karma

There are several things that can be done in order to upgrade your Karma, and these things are: Upgrade, Star Up and Evolution. 

Upgrading your Karma:

The Upgrading can be done when you have Upgrade Items (paper cranes) which you can use to basically level up your cards. These items come in three types (+300 EXP, +1000 EXP and +4000 EXP), and they can be found by clearing the Main Story or from Footage. 

I suggest leveling up your best cards first, the SR and SSR (if you have any) because they are the best. Only after you maxed out your best cards you should move on to the weaker cards, because these EXP items will run out pretty fast!

Starring up your Karma:

By going to the Star Up tab of a card you will be able to upgrade that card’s star. The better the card is, the more maximum stars it has. Now each card is different, so you should check each one of them out before you try to star them up, because they will need certain items. 

These items can be Talismans, Key Chains, Umbrellas, Tea Leaves and so on, and you can find them in the Main Story from the very first levels. Since each card is different (like I said) you will need different items for each!

Collect the required items that each card needs and upgrade it to the level that it asks you, and you can start starring them up! I suggest that you focus on one card at a time!

Another thing you need to keep an eye on is that whenever you star up a card, if you flip that card over (a.k.a. tap on “Check Rewards”) you will get Karma Promise for each new star you add to the card! Also, at 3 stars you also unlock new social features featuring the character on the card! 

Evolving your Karma:

The Karma Evolution is a feature that you unlock a little bit later on in the game, after you complete the 5-1 stage in the Main Story. That’s when you basically unlock the “Elite” Shooting Missions and “Karma Pass”, which you will need to Evolve the cards.

Evolution is pretty similar to Starring Up, so it will also require you to have certain items and Gold, so think of this as the second stage of Starring Up a card. 

This will be everything that you need to know about the Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Karma guide! If you have any questions regarding the game or simply want to learn more about some in game feature, leave a comment down below and we will get back to you!

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Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice: Karma Guide


    • In the Karma tab there’s something on the top right called karma pass. There it will show duplicate karma cards and you can turn them into memory stardust. Memory stardust is needed for evolution.

    • Karma pass are a collection of your duplicate cards. Click one or all of them, click confirm at the bottom and it will convert it into stardust. Hope this helps!

  1. Hi I can only get 4 stars on my karma cards it says star level increases after main story updated, but I’ve no idea how to do that I’ve been trying for weeks to get 5 stars but nothing I try works. Please can somebody help.

    • Hi there, to get 4 stars on the Karma card the karma has to be at level 40. To get past level 3, the Karma need to evolve first using Elite Mission items, Memory Stardust and Gold. The R cards have lower requirements than the SR cards.

  2. Hi there, it would also be good to have a guide on all the karmas available in the game and what their Karma Requirements are. For example, I wanted to be able to pass Footage missions or Heart Trial missions which requires certain Karma characteristic, but I’m not sure which Karma would have it.

  3. I am confused on how to get evolving karma to use in the Ascend tab. I have the other requirements to ascend, but it says I need evolving karma. Help?!


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