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In today’s article we are going to cover everything about the Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Experts. They are the game’s characters that will help you all throughout the game and if you were a little confused at start (about several features, not just the Experts), worry not – we’re here to explain everything!

There are a few things that you might want to focus on at start, in order to understand how to better advance in the game (obviously, apart from the catchy story), so let’s start with one of the most intriguing ones: the Experts! What they are, who they are, and how you can use and upgrade them – everything can be found in this article! 

So, are you ready? Then let’s dive right into our Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Experts guide!

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – What are Experts?

The Experts are some in game characters that help you pass the missions and complete tasks, and they all have different traits which correspond to the requirements of various stages. For example, Tysona has Variety / Docu, so she can be used in a mission which requires one of these two. 

These characters basically increase your score during the missions (you see the progress bar in the top side of the screen) and the Experts which match the given mission will be highlighted with a sparkling frame.

It’s recommended to use these dedicated Experts, because that’s when you will score the maximum possible result in a mission, which is “Perfect”.

If you use another Expert, who is not specialized in the required task, the result may not be so good and you will not get the maximum score – and trust me, every point matters when it comes down to passing the stage.

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – How to get more Experts?

Experts can be obtained by simply passing the main mission in game in the story mode, but they can also be obtained by exchanging Investigation Medals in Talent Market (City News). 

These are the only options that you can get Experts, but they will be more than enough as every chapter that has a mission which requires them (those Special Events) will need only two different Experts per Special Event, so once you get a few decent and strong ones, you’re good. 

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – How to use and improve Experts?

– How to use Experts:

You can use the Experts with the missions as I previously mentioned, by selecting the one with the tag which matches the requirements of the task. Those Experts who match will be highlighted by having a sparkling border.

However! – some tasks will match more than one Expert, and that’s when you need to be careful about your choices! If the first mission will require something that two (or more) of your Experts have, and the second mission will require something that only the Expert appointed to the first mission has, this is when you need to be careful.

To avoid such situations, simply click the back arrow in the top left corner, and make another choice leaving the Expert which has the required trait for the second mission out. This will not deplete the Stamina, and you can get an easy out instead of using another Expert and miss getting that “Perfect” score.

– How to improve Experts:

Improving the Experts is pretty easy, as all that you have to do is constantly level them up to the maximum level available. So if your company is level 7 for example, the Experts can be maximum level 7 each. 

But it’s important to always remember to upgrade your new Experts as soon as you get them to the highest possible level! This helps you get the maximum possible score in the Special Events, so it’s something that you should do in order to get 3 Crowns each stage! 

The cost for improving the Experts starts at 50 gold and in increases with every level – which means that the more you level up, the more gold you will have to save and spend on making these upgrades. 

This would be everything that you need to know about the Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Experts! If there is something else about them that you would like us to write about, leave a comment down below and we will shed some light on it for you!

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Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice: Experts Guide


    • It’s limited by your company level. So if your company is level 10, your experts will be able to reach lvl 10 at max, although when your company evolves and you quickly get to 20+ level your max level for each expert will grow too

    • Hi Patricia! Are you talking about the experts that you are able to see in the Talent Market but there’s no cost listed?

      If yes, then you should see “[investigator title] required” instead of the amount of medals to purchase them.

      That simply means that you have to complete the City Answers investigations and rank up your investigator title and then you’ll see the cost to purchase the available experts.

  1. I can’t find anywhere a list of Experts obtained solely through story mode and/or at which stages you receive them. Do you have a list of experts that can’t be hired and when you get them to help make smarter decisions in hiring people so you don’t hire someone with similar attributes that you are about to earn in just a few stages? I’ve made that mistake a few times now and its frustrating that its so hard to hire experts and then end up with someone you don’t need. Please and thank you!


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