In today’s article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about another potential date in Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – Gavin. 

Gavin is an Evol Agent who might seem a little cold at start, but once you start diving deeper into the story and learn more about him, you’ll find out it’s not quite like that. 

By now you probably fell in love with Lucien (whom we have mentioned in the previous article), but if his charm didn’t have any effect on you, then Gavin might be the one. So, without further ado, here is out Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Gavin guide & walkthrough!

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – Gavin’s personal data

Job: Evol Agent
Birthday: July 29
Height: 1.81m
Age: 24
Evol.: Wind Control

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – Increasing intimacy with Gavin

The ways that you can increase your Intimacy with Gavin are the same as with every other guy in Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice:

– by using Calls

– by using SMS

– by using Moments

All of these features reward you with certain amounts of Intimacy, so if you want to increase it all you have to do is basically just answer your in-game phone and complete them.

The SMS, Calls and Moments will be encountered after completing some certain stages in the Main Story and by obtaining a specific Karma. You can also get some special interactions when you upgrade the character’s Karma to a certain star (take a look at our Karma guide right here!).

Gavin Footage walkthrough

Just like previously mentioned in our Lucien guide, you should take your time and buy some Karma (cards) before going through with the Footage stages, because they will require you at some point to have certain Karma, and if you don’t – you might not complete it with maximum score.

In order to play a Footage level, you will have to spend 1 film. You get 1 film restored every hour, and if you are not too keen on waiting it out you can pay 30 Gems to get 10 film instantly. 

I don’t suggest doing this however, because there are better ways to spend your Gems than replenishing your films.

For each stage which requires certain Karma, there is a keyword in the top right corner. Always try to check out to see if you have a Karma which goes with the keyword (press and hold on your Karma to read) and if the word matches your Karma, then you’re good. Else – not so much.

Another thing you should keep an eye on is our Experts guide. You will need to have quite a few decent Experts by now, which are going to help you always get higher scores if the requirements are met. 

Now that we have explained this once again, let’s check out the keywords and everything else that’s required to get 3 crowns in each of the chapters and stages!

Gavin Footage Chapter 1: Sirens Blare

No encounters, only video dialogue.


Keywords: Docu, Intellect, so you will want to go for Spine.
Keywords: Innocent, so you will want to go for either Christian or Cherry.


Keywords: Docu, Sports, so you will want to go for either Tysona or Karyu.
Karma Requirement: Romance.


Keywords: Rebel, so you will want to go for Karyu.
Karma Requirement: Courage.


Keywords: Docu, Intellect, so you will want to go for Spine.
Karma Requirement: Romance.


Keywords: Fight, so you will want to go for either Tysona or Karyu.
Karma Requirement: Romance.

No encounters, only video dialogue.

We only managed to get this far with Gavin thus far! Did you progress further with him? Let us know down in the comments section below! Also, we will keep you updated as soon as we unlock the next levels of Footage with him, so stay tuned!

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  1. hey there
    i have quite a big problem when it comes to the footage missions.
    when you have to pic a gavin karma from your stock (or the other characters as well), i rarely know which one is best.
    if they ask for romance or shy it is fairly easy, but things like diligent, vigor or affection, i don’t know who to take. when i press and hold on the karmas there’s only this one line, that doesn’t really help me (except for shy and romance, those are obvious).
    can anyone help me?

    • Vigor: I love your passion for the things you love
      Innocence: Be moved by the innocence of love
      Humor: Feel sorrow, but never forsake humor
      Shy: With shyness comes sweetness
      Diligence: Value your life and the good things and encounters within
      Courage: We can take on this world by putting our courage together
      Romance: A passionate fool makes life romantic
      Affection: Any moment can light up your life

      I took a screenshot of someone’s reddit post of this, helped me immensely ^_^


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