Mr. Crab Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Complete the Game


Mr. Crab is that kind of an evergreen game that Illusion Labs managed to create to our delight. However, getting three star ratings on all levels in Mr. Crab is really a challenge and we’re here to share with you some Mr. Crab cheats: tips and tricks to help you achieve that goal but, most important, complete the game without a problem. So let’s get this going and let’s check out some basic tips and tricks for this great platformer for iPhone and iPad!

– In order to get three stars on each level, you need to “clear” the level. This means getting all the balloons, destroying all the enemies (by jumping on them) and getting all the little crabs. It’s not very easy, but fortunately the game is not time based, so you can take your time to achieve the goal.

– Don’t rush to the end! Especially if you missed anything along the way, it would be best to wait for an obstacle that will either change the direction you’re heading or hit an enemy, which will instantly send you lower on the tower. Now you have the option to go the same route again and collect all the items that you have missed in the first place.

– In Boss battles, all you have to do in order to destroy them is to jump on their heads until they drop (bonus: you also get their hat). Just make sure that you clear the level first, because once you have defeated a Boss in Mr. Crab, the level will be over.

– Can’t complete a level? Keep walking around, collecting stuff and eventually you will unlock a secret passage or trigger some sort of movement that will help you proceed. Sometimes the game works in your favor, sometimes it seems impossible to continue, but there’s always a way.

– Master the jumps: really the only thing that matters in Mr. Crab is the jumping: tap for a short jump and tap & hold for a higher jump. Master these jumps and you will have no problem beating Mr. Crab in no time!

Right now, we have no actual cheats to help you in the game, but hopefully these tips and tricks are just as valuable. If you have other strategies that you use in the game, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!

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Mr. Crab Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Complete the Game


  1. I was able to get three stars in all of the levels (including the “video” levels you get for free for watching a video) so I bought more levels. I purchased the package with the best deal. They were all .99¢ packages, but only one offered more levels for your purchase (something like 3 easy, 4 medium, and a few hard levels). I am currently on a hard level and the second crab is impossible to get to! I believe I’m in the “Crawler’s Lair” and my level is “The Temple of Boom”. It looks like you have to side jump from wall to wall a few times to get to the second crab, but it’s too high to reach! I’ve tried everything! Anyone know what I’m talking about and have the same problem? Any possible solutions? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)


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